Information Technology

Our Mission

Information Technology (IT) serves the needs of the entire Arcadia University community, both domestic and abroad, providing the best in information technology. Our services are constantly being evaluated and expanded as our support model is expanding in alignment with Arcadia University’s mission and the direction of technology. We are continually review our service delivery model to ensure we provide value-added services to Arcadian’s across the globe.

IT is responsible for the planning and implementation of information resources, technologies and services that enable and contribute directly to university’s strategic directions. Additionally, IT maintains and provides support for infrastructure and network services, desktop support, software and web-based applications, and help desk.

IT enables all aspects of a student's access to information by maintaining campus and library computer labs, offering high-speed Internet service, campus wireless network, email accounts, campus portal, instructional technology tools, and access to online services.

Services for the Campus


All Arcadia students are provided with an Arcadia University Google Apps/Gmail account. The email account is accessible from both on and off-campus from any standard Web browser. Instructions for configuring and using Google Apps/Gmail are found under the Technology tab on MyArcadia.


Arcadia University has a web-based learning management system, Blackboard, for students and faculty. This system provides supportive classroom materials, such as syllabi, and and allows out-of-classroom communication between faculty and students. 

Access Blackboard at or through the link on MyArcadia's homepage. Contact the HelpDesk at 215-572-2898 or with questions or access issues.


Self-Service gives registered students online access to academic plans, account information, current balance, grades, online registration, and unofficial transcript.

This system allows students to check grades or register online and avoid the lines at the Registrar’s office. Students can also check their balance prior to registration to make sure their account is in good standing and avoid any holds barring registering or viewing grades.

Access Self-Service at or through the link on MyArcadia's homepage. Contact the Help Desk at 215-572-2898 or with questions or access issues.

Help Desk

The Help Desk serves the Arcadia community by providing assistance with technology-related issues and questions. We do not perform maintenance on student-owned personal computers or peripherals. However, we will install network interface cards on student computers so that students can access the network.

Our support hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m; Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m during Fall and Spring semesters. Contact us at 215-572-2898 or by e-mail: In addition to the Help Desk in Dilworth Hall, students can also come to the Library’s Reference and Circulation desks for technology troubleshooting. Help Desk support is also provided after hours on an on-call basis only using the phone number above.

Instructional Media Services

Instructional Media Services (IMS) is located in Boyer Hall. IMS oversees and delivers instructional and multi-media equipment such as overhead projectors, TV/VCR systems, data-video projectors, portable sound systems and laptop computers. Please visit the Instructional Media Services module under the technology tab on MyArcadia for IMS policies and procedures; equipment, building and room inventories; CD Copy Request Form and IMS Online Request Form.

Print Management Control System

The Print Management Control System allocates printing resources to students to ensure fair access to printing, addresses print job turnaround, and helps control waste and abuse. A total of 1,000 pages is allocated to each student on a semester basis (250 pages for students enrolled during Summer Sessions.)

As students print, their credit is reduced. Students may continue to print after they have used up the credit, but will be charged at the end of the semester (if applicable) for any balance they owe. Students will be notified via a software agent installed on all student PCs (labs, open areas, etc.) which will display their balance. In addition, they will receive e-mail notifications. Balances will not carry over between semesters and students cannot transfer their credits.

Security Awareness

Information Technology strives to educate the Arcadia community about online security and privacy issues. Under the MyArcadia Technology tab, information is posted on spyware, phishing, virus threats, firewalls, identity and password protection and Spam. Links to security videos and online resources are also available. NOTE: Arcadia personnel WILL NEVER ask you for your password.