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Arcadia’s International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) master’s degree program educates and trains reflective and skilled practitioners in the field of peace and conflict resolution. The only program of its kind in the Philadelphia area, the two-year, full-time master's degree program offers students opportunities to develop and apply peacebuilding skills learned in both national and international settings. Arcadia’s International Peace and Conflict Resolution master’s degree is the only program in the country that requires both an overseas experience and an internship, reflecting the program’s commitment to professionalization and a global perspective.

Strategically Design Your Education

In Arcadia’s IPCR program, students strategically design their graduate educations, including their overseas experience, internship, and academic concentration, with the guidance of our expert scholars and practitioners. In their first year, students take foundation courses in peace and conflict studies, gaining exposure to a breadth of peacebuilding practices and peace and reconciliation theories. In their second year, students develop an area of concentration within the discipline of peace studies, build a network of contacts during their internship, and gain practical experience in the field. The entire program is designed advance students’ professional goals.

Become a Proponent of Social Change

The program’s emphasis is to prepare graduates to enter today's workforce as proponents of peaceful social change and alternatives to violence. In addition to the International Peace and Conflict Resolution master's degree program, Arcadia also offers three dual degree options, in public health, counseling psychology, and international relations and diplomacy. Skills learned in the IPCR program can be applied to a number of fields in private, non-profit, and governmental sectors in areas as diverse as international development and law, humanitarian relief and international public health, environmental conflict management and sustainable development, post-conflict reconstruction, and mediation.

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