Public Health / International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Arcadia's Dual Degree in Public Health and IPCR

The International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) master’s degree program offers an innovative curriculum that allows students to develop an area of concentration, build an international network of contacts, and gain practical experience through problem-based learning in international settings. The program’s strength lies in its interdisciplinary approach to the increasingly critical study of peace and conflict resolution. 

The Public Health Master’s degree program, a CEPH accredited program in Community Health, trains professionals to promote the health of individuals, families, communities, and the environment. This is accomplished through a program that integrates education, research, and practice in a global environment. The purpose of the program is to build on Arcadia’s strengths in the area of international education, internationalization, and globalization.  The program prepares students for life in a rapidly changing global society enabling graduates to pursue careers in public health administration; health insurance and the pharmaceutical industries; research in federal, state and local health departments; domestic and international community organizations, including professionals working in clinical settings.

This dual degree option in Public Health and IPCR prepares students to integrate their knowledge of public health, including program development, implementation and evaluation skills, to assist in conflict resolution.