Spanish Cultural Studies

Spanish Cultural Studies

In this Majors Abroad Program (MAP), students spend up to one year abroad in Granada. The Spanish Cultural Studies major provides the student the opportunity to master the language and to focus on the study of specific areas such as the culture, art, history, politics, linguistics, geography, literature, cinema, music, or the economy of the Iberian Peninsula.

What to Expect

  • A 44-credit major of which 24 are Spain-related course studies in culture, art history, history, politics, geography, literature, cinema, music, and economy
  • Advanced level study of the Spanish language and culture
  • Senior capstone or thesis about or directly related to Spain and/or about Hispanic culture

Career Paths

Government, education, international business, and global healthcare are among the fields Spanish Cultural Studies graduates find rewarding work using their skills and understanding of Hispanic peoples.

Requirements for the B.A. in Spanish Cultural Studies