College of Arts and Sciences

IPCR Capstone Project

Bringing It All Together

All students conduct a Capstone Project during the final semester of the program. The Capstone Project gives you the opportunity to integrate your theory and coursework with your internships and field experiences in a professional project. The project typically takes the form of a policy analysis, a stakeholder assessment, or a program plan, although an individually-designed project that reflects your specific career objective(s) is possible as well. Capstone students meet in a weekly seminar class where faculty provide feedback and support.

Capstone Project Examples

  • The Kurdish Question in Turkey: A Conflict Assessment
  • Terrorism in Africa: A Stakeholder Analysis of Boko Haram’s insurgence in Nigeria
  • Germany’s refugee Policy Leadership in the EU
  • A Program Plan of Cause Engine to implement Work Inspired, an online publication aspiring to the voice for the modern nonprofit
  • War on Who? A Gendered Analysis of Mandatory Sentencing in American Anti-DrugPolicy
  • Promoting a Peaceful resolution to the Yemen War
  • Red-Kite Project Training of Trainers: A Program Proposal   
  • No More Bed, Bath and Bread? The Netherlands’ Discontinuation of Unconditional Support for Refugees 
  • Regaining Agency: Domestic and International Psychological First Aid
  • Private to Public: A Workshop on Understanding Gender Bias in Our Community