A Global Leader

A Global Leader

Study Abroad

Arcadia University study abroad programs are developed with academic rigor and co-curricular opportunities to engage you in the culture and community in which you are studying. At Arcadia, we're not just about study abroad; we address global issues.

For Arcadia Students

Take the Steps to Study Abroad

Whether you have a location in mind, a specific discipline, a combination of both, or are open to exploring all opportunities available to you, our program finder and Arcadia staff will help you find the program right for you. 


OIA is the first step in the  process of finding the study abroad program right for you.

Office of International Affairs (OIA)

We've compiled the top questions students have about study abroad and the process it takes to get there.

Questions and Answers

Learn about what you need to be doing by when to fit study abroad into your college plan.

Timeline to Study Abroad


Years of Experience

Arcadia is a pioneer in developing quality global programs.


in Study Abroad Participation

IIE Open Doors ranks Arcadia #1 for the percentage of undergraduate students participating in a study abroad experience.


Quality Programs Abroad

Ranging from short-term summer experiences to semester and academic-year programs.

Information for Parents

Our guide for parents will lead you through the process of study abroad—from application to what to expect of the experience.

Decades of Study Abroad History

Sixty-seven years of excellence in global education began on the saddle of a bicycle, for two dollars a day. In the summer of 1948, the world looked ahead to a brighter future. Gone was the extreme cataclysm and privation of the Second World War, but deep scars remained for the nations of Europe and their people. Moreover, the cooperative spirit of educational exchange between nations, which had flourished modestly prior to the war’s advent, was all but nonexistent.

The Arcadia Advantage

A Global Perspective Enriches Your Life Goals

Our students reflect on the value of having an international experience as part of their education. Whether interning with a foreign company, paced with a member of Parliament, experiencing culture for a summer - Arcadia students realize that a global experience enriches their education, career, and life goals. 

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