Deadline for Study Away at Chicago, Los Angeles is March 15

By Purnell T. Cropper | March 2, 2010

March 15 is the deadline to apply for domestic study away during Fall 2010 at Whittier or North Central College. Interested students should contact Dr. Ellen Skilton-Sylvester, Professor of Education, Coordinator of ESL Programs and Director of Global Connections, at or 215-572-2117.

The Global Connections Experience and Reflection, a part of the Undergraduate Curriculum, can be fulfilled in the following different ways:

  • By studying abroad in a foreign country.
  • By taking a specially designated Glenside-based course that provides a sustained cross-cultural experience.
  • By studying away at a pre-approved American university with which Arcadia has an exchange program, including the following programs at North Central College and Whittier College. Read a blog from an Arcadia student who spent the Fall 2009 semester at Whittier.

In order to fulfill the requirement, students should also register for an online section of GCR 101: Global Connections Reflections or take a course that has both the Global Connections Experience (GE) and Global Connections Reflectoin (GR) designations.

The Chicago Term: Want to learn why Norman Mailer called Chicago “the last of the great American cities?” North Central College, one of 12 New American Colleges and Universities that participates in an exchange program with Arcadia, offers “The Chicago Term: An Urban Experience”—a combination of academic courses, internships, and field experiences at the hub of one of the most vibrant and historically significant cities in the United States. The program covers all things Chicago: arts, business, public policy, Windy City politics, intercultural communication, the local media, and the relationship between leadership styles, ethics, and engaged citizenship. Students will explore the city of Chicago along with members of North Central’s distinguished faculty and learn about its history, architecture, institutions, neighborhoods, and culture. The semester-long program includes linked courses in the heart of Chicago’s “Loop” in combination with an internship that provides the best fit between a student’s interests and the city’s resources. North Central College is located in downtown Naperville, a community identified as one of the nation’s “Best Places to Live.” Find out more about New American Colleges and Universities student exchange programs.

Los Angeles: Arcadia also has an exchange agreement with Whittier College near Los Angeles. Whittier is one of the most diverse private institutions in the country and is one of the few selective liberal arts colleges to be designated as a Hispanic-Serving institution, a federal designation indicating that at least 25 percent of its full-time students are Hispanic.“The college’s location in Whittier, Calif., 30 miles from Los Angeles, puts the resources of one of America’s most international cities within easy reach. All this means that a global worldview is a natural fit at Whittier, says Susan Gotsch, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty. “On so many campuses, domestic diversity is separate from globalism. We had a ‘light bulb’ moment—we’ve really been thinking about how to use our diversity to give students opportunities and weave a curriculum that connects international and domestic diversity We want Whittier to be ‘a portal to the world.’”