Evan Smith Wins President’s Prize

By Purnell T. Cropper | April 6, 2010

Evan J. Smith, was awarded the President’s Prize, which goes to the junior with the highest cumulative average for five semesters of study at Arcadia University, at Honors Convocation on March 27.

“Evan’s achievements here at Arcadia go well beyond the high GPA that has won him this award. His performance as a student is a testament to the value of consistently thorough preparation,” said Assistant Professor Mark Wade. “He always—not just usually, but always—shows up for class well-enough prepared that he could teach the class if the professor were not there. What makes it especially rewarding to see Evan perform so well as a student is that, first, he is such a pleasant and likable person that one can only wish success for him, and, second, the qualities that make him such an excellent student will also serve him well as he applies his education throughout his life.” (Photos)