Eight Staff Nominated for Martha Washington Award

By Purnell T. Cropper | May 18, 2010

Eight staff members have been nominated for the 2010 Martha Washington Award. The winner will be announced at the Service Awards and Retiree Luncheon on May 25 from noon to 2 p.m. in the Dining Hall. The nominees are:

  • Daniel Cassidy, Associate Director of the London Study Centre in The College of Global Studies
  • Barbara Erickson, Biology Department Secretary
  • Carol Lyman, Clinical Coordinator in Counseling Psychology
  • Mary Kate McNulty, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Helvi Nujoma, Systems Manager in Library and Information Technology
  • Fran Pollock, Director of Wellness Services
  • Liz Rihl-Lewinsky, Executive Director, Financial Aid Programs & Financial Aid Systems
  • April Wanser, Assistant to the CIO in Library and Information Technology

The Martha Washington Award for Distinguished Service is awarded annually to an Arcadia University staff employee who exemplifies the ideals of consistent excellence, exceptional performance and service to the Arcadia University community. It is awarded in the name of Martha Washington, a dedicated employee who served Arcadia University from 1946 to 1976. It is accompanied by a cash prize of $1,000 supported by a gift to the University from Washington’s family and the Salem Baptist Church of Jenkintown, where she was an active member.

Martha Washington was born on June 20, 1906. She was hired by Arcadia University in September 1946 and worked as a housekeeper in Grey Towers Castle. She worked (by her own account) without ever being late or missing a day of work until she retired on Dec. 31, 1976. She was known for her devotion to maintaining quality in all that she did—taking the initiative to come in early or stay late to see that a facility scheduled for special use was up to her standards. All was done without extra pay and simply because she cared about the appearance of the campus, especially when open to the public.

This devotion to high standards carried over into her personal life as well. In her church, where she was responsible for the ushers who seated the congregation on Sundays, she insisted on spotless white gloves and immaculate apparel. She, too, was always stylish and spotless. While serious about her work, she had a wonderful sense of humor and found real joy in life. Widowed after 16 years of marriage, she encouraged her three children to attend college and pursue a profession. She passed away on Nov. 22, 1995.