New Gardens Pop Up All Over Campus—Thousands of Plants

By Purnell T. Cropper | July 20, 2010

“Tim Gallagher is an artist and a miracle worker,” notes Tom Macchi, Associate Vice President of Facilities and Capital Planning. “During our year of construction, he’s creating dozens of oases of green—and other colors—for the campus to enjoy.”

“If you’ve been walking around campus lately, and things look a little different, it’s probably because there’s a new garden or new trees,” he says, adding that more than 12,000 plants have been added to campus since this spring, most of them perennials that will keep the campus in bloom and green year after year.

Check out these new gardens and “green spaces”:

  • Kuch Center steps—800 ivy plants
  • Kuch Center loading dock—50 “Grey Owl” Junipers
  • Brubacker Hall mobility ramp—(all plants were relocated from the construction Zone)
  • Murphy Hall Lower Lot—105 “Grey Owl” Junipers
  • Murphy Hall Courtyard—4 Spiral Junipers
  • Parking Lot #5—50 Salvia, 200 Blackeyed Susans, 30 “Grey Owl” Junipers
  • Easton Hall Water Feature—85 “Grey Owls” junipers, 6 “Blue Girl” Hollies, 1,000 Lirope
  • New Field—64 “Armstrong” Sugar Maples, 192 Double Red “Knock-Out” Roses
  • Kistler Hall—3 “Niagra” Arborvitae
  • Dining Hall—3 “Emerald Green” Arborvitae, 15 Double Red “Knock-Out” Roses, 50 Hosta
  • Kistler Perennial Bed—10 yellow bleeding hearts “Dicentra Gold,” 45 coral bells “Bronze Wave,” 20 Cimicifuga “atropurpurea,” 9 Rodgersia “aesculifolia,” 15 Soloman Seal “variegatum,” 17 Coral Bells “autumn,” 25 Astilbe “Deutschland,” 40 astilbe “j.montgomery,” 6 hosta “gold standard,” 3 hosta “august moon,” 100 miscellenous hosta, 6 white azelea “dorothy hayden, 5 red azelea “hino crimnson,” 3 native azelea, 3 rose of shoron “Aphrodite,” 3 rhododendron “pjm,” 1,500 Ivy plants, and 3 groups of ostrich ferns transplanted from T. Macchi’s back yard
  • Wishing Well—2,000 ivy plants
  • Spruance—(all plants were relocated from the construction Zone)
  • 1601 Church Road—90 junipers “grey owl,” 10 cherry laurel “otto lukens,” 1000 ivy plants, 200 vinca plants
  • Blankley Hall—10 spiral junipers, 2 boxwwood, 3500 I,vy plants
  • Boyer Hall—60 junipers “grey owl”
  • Annual flowers—a “new look” with red celosia and dusty miller
  • Miscellaneous fill-in plantings—4,000 ivy plants and 3,000 lirope plants
  • And 4 Giant Redwood Sequoias

“We also planted the new Glenside sign at the bus stop with 10 Double Red ‘Knock-Out’ Roses, 4 yews ‘hatfield,’ 8 varigated ornamental grasses, 170 junipers ‘grey owl’ and the celosia and dusty miller for color,” says Gallagher.