M.B.A. Cohort 12 Meets with Microsoft, National Bank in Greece

By Purnell T. Cropper | January 14, 2011

By Diana Jones

On Saturday, Jan. 8, ten M.B.A. students from Cohort 12 arrived in Athens, Greece, for a weeklong international experience that included meeting with local business professionals and studying the country’s economy. They also had time to tour some of Greece’s renowned historical sites.

Accompanied by Dr. Tony Muscia, Executive Director of the M.B.A. with a Global Perspective, the group has spent the week visiting with business professionals at Microsoft Innovation Center, U.S. Commercial Services, Hellenic Shipyards, Enolia Premium Capital, Hellenic Telecommunications Organization and the National Bank of Greece.

When they weren’t meeting with business professionals, the students toured the ancient archeological remains at the Acropolis of Athens, including the Parthenon, the Erechtheum, the Temple of Athena Nike. Other highlights included the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Panathinaiko Stadium, home of the 1896 inaugural modern Olympic games, and the collection of artifacts from Greek antiquity at the National Archaeological Museum. They also traveled to Ancient Corinth.

This is final international business experience for Cohort 12 before graduation in May. They previously traveled to Beijing and Shanghai, China, in January 2010.

Upon their return to Arcadia, the students’ culmination of their coursework will be their capstone course in Global Strategic Management. The course requires them to prepare industry analyses to compare and contrast their two international business experiences based on an industry of their choosing. The group’s areas of interest are diverse, and range from the public transportation sector to sports industries and pharmaceuticals to computing technology.