MBA Student Declared 2011 Credit Union Youth Ambassador of Pennsylvania

By Purnell T. Cropper | May 18, 2011

Whitney Thompson, a student in the M.B.A. with a Global Perspective program, was pronounced the winner of a statewide contest to serve as the 2011 Credit Union Youth Ambassador of Pennsylvania.

Thompson, a Philadelphia chapter member of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association and a member service officer at American Heritage Federal Credit Union, was awarded the title over 10 other competitors. The contest involved a 70-question test on credit union knowledge, brief interviews with five judges and a two-minute speech given to members of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association. The competition was held during the association’s 76th Annual Convention and Exposition in Hershey, Pa.

As Youth Ambassador, Thompson will serve as a public speaker, figure and coordinator for credit union involvement on behalf of the state’s youth. She hopes to help students who are unsure what credit unions are and who may benefit from knowing that she is available to assist them. She also is interested in establishing connections with financial literacy outlets within the community and encourages others to contact her with any related opportunities or needs.

One of Thompson’s goals is to collect information and feedback from Generation Y about banks and credit unions, which could be a starting point for the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association to create products and services that better fit the generation’s needs.

“I will be looking to my academic resources to make sure that I serve as a strong 2011 ambassador,” Thompson says. “I am still excited for being chosen and want to make a true difference for those who are in my age group in terms of credit union knowledge and accessibility.”