Rawlins, Luckenbill ’02 Contribute to Catskill Study of Juvenile Antiarchs

By schwartzsa | November 4, 2011

Scott Rawlins, Professor of Art and Design, and Kyle Luckenbill ’02 worked with the Department of Vertebrate and Paleontology of the Academy of Natural Sciences on a recent article titled “Mass mortality of juvenile antiarchs (Bothriolepis sp.) from the Catskill Formation (Upper Devonian, Famennian Stage), Tioga County, Pennsylvania.” The article, which was published in the October 2011 edition of Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, compares new samples of the Bothriolepis taken from the Catskills with other worldwide occurrences of small antiarchs, recognizes anatomical features that indicate juvenile status in antiarchs.

Rawlins contributed a reconstruction of juvenile Catskill Bothriolepis,  and Luckenbill, who graduated from Arcadia University in 2002 with B.A. in Scientific Illustration, contributed corresponding line art.