Psychology Students Present Research Findings

By JoLynne Bremmer | April 13, 2012

As students throughout campus intently work on final projects and papers, students from the Social Psychology and Personality Psychology courses, taught by Adjunct Professor Adam Levy ’98, presented their research to the campus community on April 5 in Boyer Hall. The show included 27 presentations that were the result of collaboration of more than 60 students. Over the course of the year, students designed original projects to investigate many topics, including the motivation of dancers, the validity of internet personality quizzes and the impact priming plays in the punishment of criminals.

Although the poster show was an opportunity for students to exhibit their findings, Dr. Marianne Miserandino, Professor of Psychology, explains that their work is far from over. “The student-researchers are still collecting data and will present their final results in the Psychology department at the end of the semester,” she says. “We believe that having students design and conduct original research projects does more than teach them to think like scientists. The process teaches them life skills like working with others, organizational skills, patience, persistence, creativity and professionalism.”