Dwyer Presents on Media Nostalgia in Online Scholarly Forum

By schwartzsa | August 29, 2012

Dr. Michael Dwyer, Assistant Professor of Media and Communication, will present “Raphael Saadiq’s Soul Memories” on Thursday, Aug. 30, as part of In Media Res, an online scholarly forum about contemporary approaches to studying media. The presentation is part of this week’s theme: media nostalgia.

In Media Res introduces curators’ work to a larger community of scholars (as well as non-academics who frequent the site) and encourages discussion from that community. Each weekday, a different scholar curates a video clip or visual image slideshow (from 30 seconds to three minutes long) accompanied by a 300- to 350-word impressionistic response. Each curator re-purposes a media object that already exists and provides context through commentary, which frames the object in a particular way. Read more.