Morrow Publishes and Presents Research on Bullying

By Purnell T. Cropper | February 25, 2013

Dr. Michael Morrow, Assistant Professor of Psychology, had a paper accepted for publication in Merrill-Palmer Quarterly. It is titled “Relations among Multiple Types of Peer Victimization, Reactivity to Peer Victimization, and Academic Achievement in Fifth-Grade Boys and Girls.”

He also organized a symposium for the biennial conference for the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD). The symposium was accepted and is titled “Relational Contexts of Academic Functioning in Elementary and Middle School.” Morrow will be chairing the symposium and presenting an original paper. The symposium will include presenters from the University of Arizona, University of Southern California, and University of Nebraska.

Morrow had a second paper accepted at SRCD titled “Dyadic Accuracy and Bias in Preadolescents? Perceived Peer Relations: Associations with Aggression, Depression, and Peer Victimization.” He will present this paper as part of a separate symposium called “Emotions and Cognitive Bias in Perceptions of Aggression and Social Status.”