Arcadia Wins Honorable Mention in 2013-14 Miami-Marquette Challenge

By Purnell T. Cropper | May 9, 2014

Arcadia University has received an honorable mention in the Foundation for Physical Therapy’s 2013-14 Miami Marquette Challenge. Arcadia University raised a total of $3,000 in this year’s Challenge, with a cumulative fundraising total of $49,081.68.

Students from 108 schools participated in the Challenge, with two reaching the Award of Excellence level by raising $10,000 or more, one reaching the Award of Merit by raising $6,000 or more, and 16 reaching Honorable Mention status by raising at least $3,000.

The grand total for the Challenge will be announced at the Foundation’s 35th Anniversary Gala in Charlotte on Thursday, June 12, where leadership of the profession is given the opportunity to recognize students for their commitment to research and the future of their profession. Student fundraising through the Challenge enables the Foundation to provide research grants and doctoral scholarships that would not be possible without the support of schools like Arcadia University.