Widestrom’s New Book, ‘Displacing Democracy,’ to Be Released Dec. 12

By diprinziod | December 8, 2014

On Dec. 12, Displacing Democracy: Economic Segregation in America, a new book by Dr. Amy Widestrom, assistant professor of political science, will be released by the University of Pennsylvania Press. The book focuses on residential economic segregation in American cities while exploring the political consequences of how economic segregation shaped civic environments in the nation. An excerpt from a review on the publisher’s website states:

Displacing Democracy sets out to challenge and complicate a story that is often understood as an easy equation between individual resources and individual political behavior: most rich people vote, most poor people don’t. Amy Widestrom’s fine book recasts this as a challenge of political engagement under conditions of stark economic segregation.

The book will be available through the University of Pennsylvania Press and Amazon.com.