Arcadia Community Rallies in Support of #Missing24

By Caitlin Burns | October 4, 2016

Wearing all black and holding signs of support, students, faculty, and staff gathered on Haber Green on Sept. 26 to stand in solidarity with the #Missing24 movement started by actor Isaiah Washington.

The demonstration included an open mic, where University community members shared spoken word pieces and personal stories, and a moment of silence in remembrance of victims of police brutality. To illustrate and discuss different privileges, students formed a line and stepped out in response to questions about their life experiences, such as whether they ever had to skip a meal due to financial restraints or if they’ve ever been afraid to walk home alone.

“We are standing in solidarity for the recent events happening in society, including the police shootings, the riots in Charlotte, along with all other injustices that minorities are facing across the country,” said student organizer Tatiana Redden ’17. “We are boycotting jobs and businesses to show support for #Missing24 and #BlackLivesMatter, and to enforce a call to action within our Arcadia community.”