Reale Publishes Poetry Collection on Delirium Tremens

By Caitlin Burns | July 21, 2017

Michelle Reale, associate professor and faculty librarian for English and Music, recently published a collection of poems, All These Things Were Real: Poems of Delirium Tremens, through West Philly Press.

This compilation of autoethnographic poems focus on her experience of watching her son almost die from the effects of severe alcohol withdrawal after a long operation. The collection has already been acclaimed by authors around the country.

“Reale’s collection of poems takes readers on a lyrical journey into the inexplicable parts of illness and a mother’s fierce love,” wrote author Sandra L. Faulkner. “These poems make sense of the senseless, the ways that illness fractures our self and relationships, and turns who we thought we were into slivers of broken mirror that we walk across with bare feet.”