Students Present at SEPCHE Honors Conference

By Caitlin Burns | April 12, 2019

More than 30 students in the Honors Program presented at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education (SEPCHE) Honors Conference at Cabrini University on March 23.

Topics varied among the multiple majors and fields represented, including the shifting ethnic boundaries in American society, the education of migrant children detained in the United States, and global comparisons of radiology standards.

Students who presented include:

Rebekah Abraham ’19
Presentation: “Effects of Moisture on Hatchling Sex Ratios in Sea Turtles”

Katelyn Ahern ’20
Psychology and Criminal Justice
Presentation: “Criminological Theories in Disney Films”

Sage Burdge ’19
Presentation: “Queering Sex Ed: A Marxist Analysis of LGBTQ+ Exclusion in American Sexual Education”

Jordan Beck ’20
Presentation: “The Strategic Shifting of the Boundaries of Whiteness Throughout US History”

Rebecca Choi ’19
English and Graphic Design
Presentation: “But Still We Speak Out: Non-Binary Gender Identity in Stevie Smith’s ‘Not Waving but Drowning’”

Madison Cline ’21
Graphic Design
Presentation: “Wearable Sculpture: Veil/ Mask”

Michael Costigan ’20
History, Secondary Education minor
Presentation: “Reconstruction and the Lost Cause: The Aftermath of the Civil War”

Rachel Custer ’19
Presentation: “Effects of Moisture on Hatchling Sex Ratios in Sea Turtles”

Kayla Czaplicki ’21
English with Creative Writing Concentration
Presentation: “Bags For Good”

Alyssa D’Esposito ’19
Presentation: “The Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet on a mouse model of Parkinson’s Disease (MPTP)”

Megan DiCriscio ’20
Early Childhood and Special Education
Presentation: “The Effects of Grit on an Inclusive Classroom”

Elizabeth Heiland ’20
Political Science
Presentation: “Education of Migrant Children Detained in the United States”

Hannah Garber ’22
Politics, Government, and Law
Presentation: “American Policy and Captain America”

Hanna Grove ’21
Studio Art
Presentation: “Fabric/Mixed Media: 13 Million Tons”

Stephanie Gumabon-Greaver ’19
Presentation: “A Life of a Log: Immorality Through Immunity Within Unit 731”

Lauren Ippoliti ’19
Presentation: “How Effective Are Social Skills Interventions for Autistic Children and Adolescents?”

Kiara Jacoby ’20
International Studies and Theatre
Presentation: “The Importance of Project and Community Assessment in Sustainable Development Through Growing Non-Profit Organizations”

Ariel Kershner ’19
Presentation: “Attentional Capture by Mood-Congruent Scenes”

Amivi Koudossou ’22
Politics, Government, and Law
Presentation: “Louis XIV (The Sun King)”

Aspen La-Riene Settle ’19
Presentation: “Investigation of Hsp90β Inhibitor DAP-19 in Breast Cancer Chemosensitivity”

Gloria Lemmon ’21
Presentation: “Laurie’s Existence as a Coping Mechanism in ‘The Garden Party’”

Stephanie Maggio ’19 
Presentation: “Interventional Radiology Standards of Practice: A Global Comparison”

Andy Malinsky ’20
Computer Science and Mathematics
Presentation: “Computational Cognition and Deep Learning”

Larissa Marshall ’20
Presentation: “Moments of Darkness: Mental Illness Through Photography”

Michelle Mendia ’19
Criminal Justice and Spanish
Presentation: “Responsible Tourism with Human Connections”

Brandon Millinghausen ’19
Criminal Justice, Pre-Law
Presentation: “Trumping Justice: Contextualizing the Pitfalls of US Military Tribunals with the Film the Conspirator”

Claire Murtha ’19
Criminal Justice, Pre-Law minor
Presentation: “Being Ignored: Addressing the Mental Health Needs of the Exonerated”

Sydney Smith ’19
International Studies
Presentation: “State Sovereignty and Authoritarianism: A Look at Why Belarus Maintains the Death Penalty”

Timothy Spangler ’20
Politics, Government, and Law
Presentation: “The Political Theories on Secession”

Marissa Tepper ’21
Criminal Justice
Presentation: “Solitary Confinement and An Inmate’s Mental Health: Why Solitary Confinement is Too Cruel and Harsh Punishment for Inmates in the United States’ Prison System”

RaeAnn Topa ’21
International Business and Culture
Presentation: “Evolving Identity of the ‘True-Born Englishman’”

Aaron Uscinowicz ’22
Presentation: “To Contain Multitudes: Masculinity in the Eyes of Walt Whitman”

Katherine Wolfrum ’19
Presentation: “Taking a Vacation from Technology”