‘Broad Street Review’ Praises ‘Jennifer Manzella: City Blocks’

By RetterJ | August 28, 2019

Manzella etching from City Blocks exhibition

Broad Street Review art critic Pamela J. Forsythe lauded Jennifer Manzella, adjunct professor of Art and Design, for her ability to find beauty in unlikely places in an Aug. 12 review. Manzella’s exhibition, “City Blocks,” includes copper etchings that reflect the cityscape of Philadelphia and explore industrialization and gentrification. 

“City Blocks’s thoughtful, detailed depictions and understated display fly in the face of the world’s incessant visual noise, which demands attention but leaves no impression,” wrote Forsythe. “Manzella’s images may not capture the eye immediately, but once they do, they’re hard to forget.”

Manzella, who has taught printmaking at Arcadia since 2016, specializes in etching, reduction block prints, and woodblock art. Her exhibition will be on display in the Rosedale Gallery through Dec. 8.