Mark Dean Quoted for Psychotherapist Expertise on Dreams

By Caitlin Burns | May 22, 2020

Mark Dean, adjunct professor of Visual and Performing Arts, was featured in a March 13 WHYY article for his expertise in dream analysis as a psychotherapist in Philadelphia.

The news story originated as a segment on The Pulse, a weekly health and science podcast. In discussing dreams and their relation to waking life, Dean suggested using dreams for emotional processing and reflection. Dean was quoted saying, “attention to dreams isn’t necessarily about focusing on the dream world — it’s about getting in touch with life.” 

“[Dean] believes dreams are messages from our unconscious, pointing us toward things to pay attention to, or make connections between, in waking life…. We think we’re interacting with some other person or thing, but we’re actually interacting with what he calls shadow aspects of ourselves,” wrote reporter Steph Yin.