Razler ’00 Photographs Glenside Locals for the #FrontPorchProject

By Caitlin Burns | July 15, 2020
Amanda and Tom Clark with their three children sitting in truck bed.
Amanda (Boccard) Clark ’01, Tom Clark ’02, and their three children; photo taken by Razler.

Riding through Glenside on her bicycle, photographer Melissa Razler ’00 has captured scenes of local families as a part of the #FrontPorchProject, a viral hashtag that features family photos taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of the project is to connect neighbors who have been separated due to social distancing requirements, as well as highlighting missed events such as prom dances, high school graduation ceremonies, and birthday celebrations. 

After seeing other photographers in the Philadelphia area participate in the #FrontPorchProject, Razler decided to bring the project to Glenside to cheer up local residents. Featured in one of Razler’s photos are alumni Amanda (Boccard) Clark ’01, Tom Clark ’02, and their three children.

“[The #FrontPorchProject] seemed to be an amazing, safe way to keep busy, while at the same time providing people with something sweet to take part in,” said Razler. “I felt like people everywhere were being affected by this pandemic, and it really sucked some humanity out of most people’s everyday lifestyle. I honestly feel a community needs human interaction, socialization, or even simply a reason to just be together.”

All of Razler’s #FrontPorchProject photos can be viewed on her Facebook page.