“The Cheesecake Lady” Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer

By Caitlin Burns | July 17, 2020

Business Administration alumna Vanessa Jackson ’12, also known as “the Cheesecake Lady,” was featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer article discussing her bakery’s rise to local fame on July 14. In the article, author Jen Ladd details Jackson’s origin story as a novice to pro-cheesecake maker, highlighting her transition from baking for family and church members to having a community-wide fanbase. 

The Inquirer reported that since reopening her store, also called The Cheesecake Lady, Jackson sells hundreds of cheesecakes a day. Locals can be seen lining up outside of the store before opening in hopes to get a pie before she inevitably sells out for the day. 

“So while it’s no surprise Jackson is a successful entrepreneur, her path to becoming the Cheesecake Lady is almost as unlikely as a line out the door in Elkins Park,” wrote Ladd.