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Become the Type of Educational Leader the World Needs

Effective K-12 education leaders possess well-honed skills related to diversity, inclusiveness, globalism, social responsiveness and data-based decision-making. They understand recent developments in the fields of education and professional development. They implement sound policies and programs that benefit students, schools and communities.
Arcadia University’s Ed.D. in Educational Leadership will prepare you to be such a leader.

What to Expect

As a participant in Arcadia’s doctoral program, you will study research design and content knowledge among a supportive cohort. You will advance your professional expertise in the areas of school and district/regional leadership. The abilities you cultivate will improve your performance in supervisory, curricular and/or administrative roles.
Your studies will culminate in the creation and completion of an approved doctoral dissertation.

Program Philosophy

The program’s guiding philosophy is composed of the following key components, which we integrate through expectations, coursework and mentorship:

  • Openness to new ideas
  • Structured and strategic inquiry
  • Research-based practice
  • Intellectual and instructional leadership
  • Critical thinking
  • Systemic critique and reform
  • Social justice and ethical practice
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Critical self-reflection
  • Personal, program, system and community interconnectivity
  • Embracing community inclusion and diversity
  • Ongoing professional development and lifelong learning