About Arcadia’s Mathematics Programs

Mathematics at Arcadia University is part of a combined department in Computer Science and Mathematics. Our mathematics programs are designed to help students develop problem-solving skills as well as the theoretical insight needed both for applications and graduate study. Courses use state-of-the-art technology including graphing calculators, smart boards, Amazon Web Services cloud computing, programming tools such as Python, and statistical software such as SPSS, SAS, and R. Mathematics majors often minor in areas such as bioinformatics, computer science, or secondary education and many take advantage of our 3+2 engineering programs with the University of Pittsburgh and Washington University. Our recent graduates are actuaries, secondary teachers, biostatisticians, SAS programmers and graduate students in mathematics, statistics, and business. See the Careers tab for more information on job prospects after graduation.

What to Expect

  • Nurturing and small classroom environment 
  • Close interaction with and mentoring by faculty inside and outside the classroom 
  • Rich opportunities for student research with faculty
  • Opportunities to attend undergraduate conferences, all 100% funded and sponsored by the department
  • Extensive research support, including fully funded fellowships for summer research 
  • Social activities through the Math and Actuarial Science Club and the annual Math/CS department picnic
  • Flexibility to take advantage of Arcadia’s many wonderful study abroad opportunities
Computer Science and Math Activities

Our Faculty Are Active Scholars

As well as being outstanding teachers, our faculty are active scholars. Dr. Ned Wolff publishes in mathematics education and applied statistics, Dr. Emily Marshall in graph theory, Dr. Carlos Ortiz in mathematical logic, especially finite model theory and finance theory, and Dr. Xizhong Zheng in computability and complexity in analysis, a field which overlaps with both computer science and mathematics. Our faculty also have real-world experience: professor emeritus Dr. Louis Friedler is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, Dr. Ortiz has a degree in engineering, and Dr. Wolff taught high school. Our faculty are actively engaged in mathematics and mathematics education and bring their excitement and knowledge into the classroom. Meet our faculty.

Mathematics Research and Presentations