GAP Year Program

Arcadia's GAP Year For High School Graduates

Arcadia’s GAP Year program is a unique, innovative, and affordable way for students to earn college credits while acquiring a sense of the Arcadia experience at their own pace. Arcadia’s GAP Year program is distinctive for those students looking to stay motivated, refresh their perspective on the world, and start a path toward their career while earning credits.

Our GAP Year program is designed to give students open paths of interest to clear their mind from high school and help them prepare to perform well when they do attend University full-time—approaching real-world issues, learning and connecting first-hand with global experts, and gaining experience to help them realize passions to pursue in college.

Paths and Courses

Arcadia's GAP Year program offers four paths for students to choose from: 

  • Global Studies 
  • Social Justice 
  • Health Professions 
  • Applied Liberal Arts

These paths connect students to relevant topics facing our society and provide opportunities to learn from faculty experts overseas. The program consists of two semesters, and students will work with an adviser to select up to two courses per semester. Classes may be online, in person, or a hyflex combination, depending on campus status and health and safety recommendations. Students can shift modalities mid-year if they wish. Classes are taught by faculty from the main campus and through The College of Global Studies Center (TCGS), and students can choose classes from Glenside, Intern Philly, and TCGS London Center.

Internships, Global Perspective, and Resources

Arcadia's GAP Year program offers you signature elements of the Arcadia experience including a special Preview program and access to the Intern Philly network. 

During the second semester, students can participate in their choice of semester-long, co-curricular experiences such as:

GAP program participants will have access to all on-campus resources such as Landman Library, Learning Resource Network, Writing Center, Student Health Services, Counseling Center, Office of Career Education, and many others. 

Tuition and Fees

Arcadia worked to discount the GAP Year program/per-credit tuition rate plus a $1,500 fee for students to get a head start and a taste of the college experience.

    Current tuition         GAP Year tuition
    $760/credit                 $380/credit

The total cost for an Arcadia GAP Year two-semester program of 16 Arcadia credits is $7500.

Included in the tuition is:

Arcadia students will be advised on issues concerning aid eligibility in upcoming years if they choose to use financial aid for the GAP Year program.

How to Apply

To apply, or to learn more information on Arcadia's GAP Year program, complete this form or contact Enrollment Management (1-877-ARCADIA or 1-877-272-2342,