Special Admission Programs

Hands-on learning is part of the Arcadia experience, whether you’re a Biology or Theater Arts major. Our special admission programs, however, ensure you’re honing skills, exploring careers, and broadening your perspective as early as your first year at Arcadia.

What it is: The Gateway to Success Program provides holistic, personalized academic support to students who do not meet Arcadia’s traditional admissions requirements, but who demonstrate the potential to succeed in college.

How to qualify: Students are selected during the admissions process and invited to the program.

Why we love it: Gateway to Success students are supported from enrollment to graduation (and beyond). As part of this tight-knit community, you’ll develop personally, academically, and professionally.

Gateway to Success Program

What it is: Designed to support new students in making connections between academics and future professions, College2Career provides access to enhanced career exploration exercises and networking opportunities.

How to qualify: Submit an application.

Why we love it: College2Career Scholars who complete the program will be eligible to offer guidance as Career Scholar Mentors to future cohorts. Additionally, students who complete all activities will receive a $500 grant to be applied to their tuition.

College2Career Scholars Program

What it is: The Honors Program offers highly motivated students unique opportunities for scholarship, mentoring, and co-curricular experiences.

How to qualify: Students with strong SAT/ACT scores, high school class rankings, and/or transfer GPAs are automatically considered. If you fall below the typical admission credentials, you can also submit an application for consideration.

Why we love it: You’ll feed and refine your strengths, cultivate leadership skills, and develop innovative projects that positively impact global communities.

Honors Program

“[Through Gateway], I learned a lot about myself...

...and the things I needed to be organized and successful in college. Developing time management skills has been key, but also learning the importance of taking one day at a time.”

- Sidney Babilonia ’23, Gateway to Success student

Global Exploration

In addition to our traditional study abroad programs, Arcadia offers one-of-a-kind global experiences for qualified incoming students.

What it is: Selected students can study abroad in London, England the second semester of their first year at Arcadia.

How to qualify: Academically talented students are invited to apply for FYSAE, typically within two to three weeks after being admitted to Arcadia. Invited students will complete an additional form and a phone interview with a FYSAE mentor.

Why we love it: You won’t just visit landmarks—you’ll engage with London's culture, people, environment, and traditions. Plus, you’ll receive extensive support from Arcadia faculty, overseas staff, and student mentors throughout the experience.

First-Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE)

What it is: Selected students can study abroad at an Arcadia Center during the fall semester of their sophomore year.

How to qualify: Academically talented students are invited to SYSAE on a rolling basis after being admitted to Arcadia. If accepted, you’ll select a SYSAE location during your first year.

Why we love it: You'll earn credits, explore new cultures, and learn outside the classroom. SYSAE participants can also engage in hands-on coursework, internships, fieldwork, and independent research opportunities tailored to their interests.

Second-Year Study Abroad Experience (SYSAE)

“[FYSAE] will be a time you will never forget.

Many people never get to travel, let alone study abroad, so make the most of it. Go see things you would never see otherwise.”

- Nick Schiavo ’22, FYSAE participant

Social Impact and Innovation

“Seeking positive transformation in our community and the world”—it’s part of our values. That means, as an admitted student, you’ll have access to distinctive opportunities geared toward driving social change.

What it is: The Civic Scholars program is an incubator and training ground for students who are passionate about social change, impact, and innovation.

How to qualify: Submit a 300-500 word essay in response to: What piqued your interest in social change, and why are you interested in being an Arcadia Civic Scholar?

Why we love it: Civic Scholars engage in internships geared toward social impact, develop ideas for social progress, and lead opportunities for community service and advocacy.

Civic Scholars Program

What it is: The SAJE Fellowship prepares aspiring educators to lead schools, provide mentorship in diverse communities, and facilitate programs geared toward social justice.

How to qualify: Apply to Arcadia and complete the SAJE Fellowship Interest Form.

Why we love it: The SAJE Fellowship addresses the nationwide lack of diversity and cultural competency in the teaching profession, including a shortage of educators of color in the United States. There are many benefits for fellows, including full or partial tuition and housing scholarships.

Social Action and Justice Education (SAJE) Fellowship

“Find the fun in exploring and trying new things.

It can be scary and intimidating, but the more you step outside your comfort zone, the more fun and fulfilling your time [at Arcadia] will be. There’s so much to explore beyond our borders, so take advantage of any opportunities that come your way.”

- Mia Woo ’22, Honors student and FYSAE participant

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