Because Arcadia Bloggers

by Jen Retter on October 12, 2021

Because Arcadia Bloggers

by Jen Retter on October 12, 2021

2021-22 Bloggers

Major: Biology (3+2 Pre-Forensic Science)

Minor: Chemistry

Hometown: Lafayette Hill, Pa.

Despite pursuing the sciences, I have a profound interest in creative work, like music, art/animation, writing, and even fight choreography.  When I’m not hanging out with friends on campus, you’ll find me working at my handful of campus jobs or geeking out over Star Wars.  I also like to try new things (for the most part), so I’m currently learning how to skateboard!

Alex Chin ’22

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Whether it be playing, singing, reading, or arranging, I’m always doing something involving music. During the times that I’m not, though, I’m probably binge-watching a show, speed reading a new book, or obsessively playing Tetris while procrastinating work with close deadlines.

Areiana Edwards ’24

Major: English (Creative Writing)

Hometown: Horsham, Pa. ​

Along with writing for Because Arcadia, I’m also the treasurer of Sigma Tau Delta (the English Honor Society) and a co-captain for ArcadiaFTK. When I’m not busy getting involved in just about everything I can on campus, I’m usually hiking with my dogs or out on the soccer field. I’m excited to share my favorite Arcadia experiences with you all!

Brigid Whelihan ’23

Major: Photography

Hometown: Horsham, Pa.

The best way for me to describe my personality is by saying that I am a mix of my five older siblings, with a touch of artistic talent. I love working out and staying active through soccer and track. I also am a huge bookworm, so if you need a recommendation, let me know. I plan on going into photojournalism in the future, combining two of my favorite things: photography and writing.

Catherine Portelli ’25

Major: Acting

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

I am a Northeast Philadelphia native with a love of all things theatre, coffee, and fashion. Through Arcadia, I have been able to connect with all of those things (especially with Center City being so close by). I also act as president of our student theatre club, Under Siege, and the Student Programming Board here on campus. If you ever need a musical or play suggestion, a fashion TikTok to follow, or which coffee drink you should get at Easton, always feel free to reach out to me. I am so excited to share my words with you all and to write about a place that matters so much to me.

Courtney Cheyanne Thoroughgood ’22

Major: English (Creative Writing concentration) 

Minor: Secondary Education 

Hometown: Thorndale, Pa.

I am as nerdy as they come! I read too many books, know too many authors, and find my passion in writing poetry about my life, society, and adolescence. I play the piano and teach it to those who believe music is something that brings people together. Most importantly, I am your girl for Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video suggestions, as I am a streaming show/movie connoisseur.

Daijah Patton ’22

Major: Media and Communication (Multimedia Publishing)

Hometown: Hatboro, Pa.

When I'm not writing poetry or reading articles, I work as the editor-in-chief of Loco Mag and editor for The Compass! My passions include disability activism, especially within education.

Danita Mapes ’23

Major: English (Creative Writing)

Minors: Pan-African Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Hometown: West Covina, Calif.

Just your average nonbinary pal (they/them pronouns, please and thank you). You can usually find me in my dorm room, listening to ASMR, but I hope to travel the world some day. I love writing, and I plan to share any work that I’m proud of.

Elijah Arnold ’25

Major: Media Communications

Hometown: Bensalem, Pa.

When I’m not traveling the world, working out, hiking, playing with my cat Lucy, spending time with friends, or being the ‘Mom friend’ (yes I always have bandaids and snacks), you’ll find me at my work-study, the ARC Radio Station, or an Arcadia event; finding a new way to get involved; or just sitting outside on campus, admiring the views (weather permitting, of course). I aspire to become a producer for either TV, radio, or film once I graduate. I am excited to finish out my last semester at Arcadia University, and to share all my experiences and adventures along the way. Fun fact: I’ve had a pet goldfish since freshman year.

Jessica Yakubovsky ’22

Major: English

Minor: Political Science

Hometown: Marriottsville, Md.

I am a student-athlete on Arcadia’s softball team, as well as a bumble bee in the Honors Program and a consultant in the Writing Center. These experiences and my unique combination of major and minor give me so much access to student life at Arcadia, so I have a lot to blog about! 

Madi Costigan ’24

Major: Scientific Illustration (Pre-Med)

Hometown: Lancaster, Pa.

Aside from running around campus as a member of cross country and track and field, you can find me in the studio painting or drawing, in a lab, or taking care of my plants. I drink an alarming amount of coffee and am outside anytime the sun is shining. I love getting to share with you all about my experiences and what makes Arcadia home!

Micah Gordley ’24

Major: Biology (Pre-Physician Assistant)

Hometown: Old Bethpage, N.Y.

 You can find me just about anywhere on campus: from Jean Lenox Field to Landman Library. I am a nerd-athlete who loves studying Biology just as much as I love playing lacrosse. I am a part of Arcadia's Honors Program (and Adulting 101 Committee), Arcadia Christian Fellowship, and a volunteer at Temple University Hospital Emergency room.

Patrick Ensmenger ’23

Major: International Business (Marketing)

Minor: German

Hometown: Elkins Park, Pa. 

I'm an avid traveler and a STAMP (member of Arcadia's study abroad peer mentor program) who also has a passion for health and wellness. When I'm not studying abroad or traveling, I'm either teaching my poodle-mix new tricks, watching vlogs on YouTube, or making smoothie bowls. I studied abroad through FYSAE in London, and am hoping to study abroad in London again soon!

Sabine Costa ’23

Major: Media and Communication

Minors: English, Marketing

Hometown: Levittown, Pa. 

If I'm not playing with my cat, Wisteria, or listening to Elton John, you can find me sitting in my apartment with my nose in a book. In my work as a Student Government Organization (SGO) senator, I have made a lot of amazing connections on campus and have had many great experiences. I cannot wait to share my Arcadia stories with you!

Taylor Wesner ’24