Because Arcadia Bloggers

by Jennifer Retter on January 1, 2018

Fall 2019 Bloggers

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Lancaster, Pa.

Hi all—I’m a lucky recipient of a kidney transplant, diehard Flyers fan, and procrastinator extraordinaire! I’ve also been known to get up at 1 a.m. for Formula 1 races, which I do not recommend. I’ve got a big bucket list and an even bigger heart.

Denise Glick ’23

Major: Media and Communication

Hometown: Royersford, Pa.

My favorite pastimes include watching reality television, listening to Ariana Grande's discography in its entirety, and learning about how different forms of mass media influence our society. I love writing about all things pop culture and Hollywood. A wise woman once sang, "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”—and there was never a greater motto to live by. 

Marc Raffa ’23

Major: Environmental Journalism

Hometown: Brick, N.J.

I am a transfer student from Brookdale Community College, former chapter president of Phi Theta Kappa, and a published poet! Arcadia has allowed me to combine my passions for Ecology and Creative Writing to create a major unique to my interests. When I’m not studying, you can find me reading, writing poetry in a cafe, on a nature walk, or taking pictures.

Rikki Rosenthal ’22

Major: Ceramics/Pre-Art Therapy

Hometown: Doylestown, Pa.

I am a third-culture kid, a theatre nerd, and an amateur food enthusiast trying to navigate her way through the world and the college experience. As an art major I practically live in the studio, but when I'm not there I am the vice president of Arcadia’s PRIDE club for LGBTQIA+ students and allies.

Mia Woo '22

Major: International Studies (3+3 program)

Minor: Law and Public Policy

H​​​​​​ometown: Doylestown, Pa.

As part of Arcadia’s 3+3 program, I’ll get my undergraduate degree in three years and have assured admission into Drexel Law School. While an accelerated track is a bit of a time crunch, I am still heavily involved in mock trial, Arcadia ambassadors, and the Honors Program. At Arcadia, I also had the great opportunity to go to Oman through Preview, and I look forward to my other study abroad travels!

Humna Rub ’22

Major: History

Minor: Secondary Education

Hometown: Brigantine, N.J.

If you don’t see me skateboarding around campus, I’m either playing video games in my room or working out in the gym. I’m very outgoing, funny, and social, so I’m always down for a fun adventure. I love grapefruit almost as much as Jesus. #Blessup

Nicholas Schiavo ’22

Majors: Psychology, Public Health

Hometown: Glenview, Ill.

Originally from the flatlands that are the Midwest, I love to hike, explore, and most notably, travel. I haven’t gone abroad through Arcadia yet, though I do plan on spending a semester in London my junior year! I absolutely adore (in no particular order): a good cup of coffee, hammocks, my dog, and pretty much any and every Netflix science documentary out there.

Victoria Fedorko ’22

Major: History

Hometown: Doylestown, Pa. 

I’m an Honors student, and I transferred to Arcadia after completing a two-year degree in Cinema and Video Production. I’ve carried out my love for filmmaking as a camera operator and production assistant, as well as in my own short films. I consider myself to be both an academic and a storyteller, and I hope to continue pursuing both my passions and paths of study.

Amanda Young ’21

Major: English (Creative Writing concentration)

Minor: Communication

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

Director, scholar, competitive Smash Bros. player. You can usually find me skating around campus or blaring Led Zeppelin on my record player. I have a passion for writing short fiction and screenplays.

Anthony Carbonetta '21

Major: Psychology

Minor: Sociology

Hometown: Immokalee, Fla.

I am a coffee enthusiast and professional bookworm. My favorite time of the day is the morning, when I do most of my reading and am most productive. A more millennial thing about me is that I could spend an impressive amount of time just scrolling through Pinterest. 

Jasmin Ramirez ’21

Majors: Criminal Justice, Sociology

Minors: Music, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Hometown: Cortland, N.Y.

Hello there! My name is Kathryn Jones, but I often go by Ryn. I have many interests, but social justice, music, travel, and cats are definitely the most important to me.

Kathryn Jones ’21

Majors: Media and Communication, English

Hometown: Darby, Pa.

I love reading, writing, and all things involving cats. I work as a Because Arcadia blogger, an editor for the Compass, and a CPA in the Office of Career Education.

Lashanna Bryant ’21

Major: English (Creative Writing concentration)

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

I am thrilled to work as a blogger for Because Arcadia. I aim to write a groundbreaking, action-packed graphic novel series (with every intention of it getting an animated adaptation). Until then, and likely after, I will learn the tricks of the trade and help others get their creative works published. I am a proud geek who lives for interesting stories, regardless of their format.

Omar Odom ’21

Major: Sociology

Minors: Gender & Sexuality Studies, Cultural Anthropology

Hometown: Cape May, N.J.

I am a connoisseur of cat cafes, cosplay, and good coffee. When I’m not indulging in my latest nerdy obsession, I like to write about intersectionality and how we understand our identities in our current social world.

Caitlin Joyce ’20

Majors: International Studies, Spanish

Hometown: Boyertown, Pa.

I love traveling, learning new languages, and watching telenovelas. When I'm not at Arcadia, I work as a pre-school teacher! My favorite spot on campus is Easton Cafe. This year, I am co-president of iPALs, and I love working with the international students on campus.

Heidi Specht ’20

Major: English

Minor: Gender & Sexuality Studies

Hometown: Willow Grove, Pa.

Hi, I'm Jess! I work in the Writing Center, am a peer mentor for the “Hunger Games” First-Year Seminar, am president of Sigma Tau Delta, and am newly involved with our literary magazine, Quiddity!  Besides writing and books, I love dogs, sweatpants, and preparing for my reign on Jeopardy. 

Jess Derr ’20