Because Arcadia Bloggers

by Jen Retter on September 15, 2020

2020-21 Bloggers

Major: English (Creative Writing concentration)

Minor: Communication

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

Director, scholar, competitive Smash Bros. player. You can usually find me skating around campus or blaring Led Zeppelin on my record player. I have a passion for writing short fiction and screenplays.

Anthony Carbonetta '21

Major: History

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

I am a Canadian-American, born explorer, and I am passionate about history, educating and storytelling. While studying at Arcadia I have been on many journeys, and I am thrilled to share my experiences with you. 

Anthony Devantier ’21

Major: Mathematics

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Whether it be playing, singing, reading, or arranging, I’m always doing something involving music. During the times that I’m not, though, I’m probably binge-watching a show, speed reading a new book, or obsessively playing Tetris while procrastinating work with close deadlines.

Areiana Edwards ’24

Major: English (Creative Writing concentration) 

Minor: Secondary Education 

Hometown: Thorndale, Pa.

I am as nerdy as they come! I read too many books, know too many authors, and find my passion in writing poetry about my life, society, and adolescence. I play the piano and teach it to those who believe music is something that brings people together. Most importantly, I am your girl for Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video suggestions, as I am a streaming show/movie connoisseur.

Daijah Patton ’22

Major: Global Media

Hometown: Hatboro, Pa.

I’m a writer who can often be found speeding through books or obsessing over cute bird pictures. I’m also an editor for The Compass and Loco Mag! My dream is to live in a van and go cross-country, writing stories and working on my photography along the way.

Danita Mapes ’24

Major: International Studies

Hometown: Horsham, Pa.

Hi there! This year, I am competing in League of Legends for Arcadia's esports program. I’ve also been an Orientation leader every year, and even served on the planning committee as the social media coordinator this past year. I absolutely love to travel and experience new cultures. I spent last spring semester studying abroad in London, and it was one of the best times of my life.

Garrett Davies ’21

Major: Computer Science (Pre-Engineering)

Hometown: Tobyhanna, Pa. ​

I am a jack-of-all-trades who is not afraid to try new things—especially tasty food! Whenever I am not out on the town, you can find me cocooned in bed, binging Youtube and Netflix, and guzzling down unhealthy amounts of hot cocoa. Reading, playing percussion, singing, and drawing comics are some of my more productive pastimes.

Jamie Conlin ’24

Major: Psychology

Minor: Sociology

Hometown: Immokalee, Fla.

I am a coffee enthusiast and professional bookworm. My favorite time of the day is the morning, when I do most of my reading and am most productive. A more millennial thing about me is that I could spend an impressive amount of time just scrolling through Pinterest. 

Jasmin Ramirez ’21

Majors: Media and Communication, English

Hometown: Darby, Pa.

I love reading, writing, and all things involving cats. I work as a Because Arcadia blogger, an editor for the Compass, and a CPA in the Office of Career Education.

Lashanna Bryant ’21

Major: Politics, Government, and Law

Hometown: Marriottsville, Md.

I am excited to be a blogger for Because Arcadia in my first year at Arcadia! I look forward to being on Arcadia’s softball team and being a bumble bee in the Honors program, as well as eventually experiencing campus life and studying abroad. In my free time, I love going to concerts and gushing over every dog I see in public.

Madi Costigan ’24

Major: Ceramics (Pre-Art Therapy)

Hometown: Doylestown, Pa.

I am a third-culture kid, a theatre nerd, and an amateur food enthusiast trying to navigate her way through the world and the college experience. As an art major I practically live in the studio, but when I'm not there I am the vice president of Arcadia’s PRIDE club for LGBTQIA+ students and allies.

Mia Woo '22

Major: Scientific Illustration (Pre-Med)

Hometown: Lancaster, Pa.

Aside from studying in London as a part of FYSAE, you can find me running around the track, in the art studio painting or drawing, in a lab, or outside hiking. I drink an alarming amount of coffee and am enthusiastic about petting cats. I’m excited to share my experiences along the way as I learn more about Arcadia and student life!

Micah Gordley ’24

Major: History

Minor: Secondary Education

Hometown: Brigantine, N.J.

If you don’t see me skateboarding around campus, I’m either playing video games in my room or working out in the gym. I’m very outgoing, funny, and social, so I’m always down for a fun adventure. I love grapefruit almost as much as Jesus. #Blessup

Nicholas Schiavo ’22

Major: Environmental Journalism

Hometown: Brick, N.J.

I am a transfer student from Brookdale Community College, former chapter president of Phi Theta Kappa, and a published poet! Arcadia has allowed me to combine my passions for Ecology and Creative Writing to create a major unique to my interests. When I’m not studying, you can find me reading, writing poetry in a cafe, on a nature walk, or taking pictures.

Rikki Rosenthal ’22

Major: Biology/Pre-PT

Hometown: Abington, Pa. 

I'm a basketball fanatic and member of the Arcadia men's basketball team. You can almost always find me somewhere within the Kuch Center, whether that's in the weight room, on the court, or just eating in the Chat.

Shane Burroughs ’21