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Spotlight on English Internships

Haley Hooke

Publishing and Teaching Intern, The Telling Room, Portland, Maine (non-profit writing center for children and teens)

"When I began this journey, I never expected to enjoy it as much as I have... What a joy it was, then, to discover not only a place in which I could dedicate my esteem, but which ignited a passion which I've rarely encountered. The Telling Room, and the serendipitous way in which I came to know it, assured me of a future, which I not only doubted for far too long, but too readily accepted as my lot in life... There's a sense of wonder, still, filling me with joy. I can't wait to see what this wonderful place becomes next. I can't wait to see who I become within it. I wrote [during the] semester that 'I've never witnessed the future being formed before, but this week I could feel it.' As I stand here, at the metaphorical end of my journey, I can't help but reiterate that statement. It's not just the future that I see in the kids every single day, not just the future I see in the publishing department and the organization as a whole, but it's the future I can see in myself. I can literally feel it - and it feels like home."

Kelly Lamoin

Guest Relations and Social Media Intern, Lehigh Valley Zoo

“I would highly recommend other students to an internship with the Lehigh Valley Zoo because you learn a lot about yourself throughout the time spent there and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to spend a summer surrounded by some cute animals along the way?”

Jordan Cameron

Editorial Intern, South Asian Review

"…I was totally not expecting to get an internship, my first professional experience in the field, doing exactly what I wanted to be doing: reading and editing content...even if you don’t think you want to be an editor or in publishing or working for an academic journal, you definitely strengthen your skills as a writer in this internship when you review submissions, and you have to be extremely organized when dealing with spreadsheets and subscribers and mailing...I have learned so much during my time at the South Asian Review, and as I will be living in the area next year, I have considered potentially coming in once in awhile to help in any way I can as I have become so attached to the place and really just want to see it continue to thrive.”

Kelsey Cohan

Video Game Journalism Intern, Odd Tale Studios

“...the internship was a experience there actually helped me land a paid internship at a company I’m very excited to be working with called FlockU...I learned a lot from my time at Odd Tale Studios, and I’m excited to see where the writing skills I’ve cultivated there and will cultivate at FlockU over the summer will take me in my future endeavors.”

Irene Figueroa

Library Archives and Special Collections Assistant, Saint Joseph's University

"My boss was an exceptional resource for me and completely had my best interest in mind with all the tasks he assigned me...I was able get an overview of almost every branch in an academic library which was an amazing opportunity and helped me decide that this was the career I wanted to pursue."

Nathan Greene

Editorial Assistant, South Asian Review

“It ended up being such a unique experience where every day brought something different (except for the formatting days, but that added a break of stability every now and then). I think that’s one of the key perks of jobs in which an English degree mindset is necessary; every day presents new challenges, which is good for a mind which thrives on new experiences...When I first started out I also definitely did not think that I would eventually be put in such a position of leadership...However, this also led to me to learn to become much more open with those I worked with, which was an excellent experience all around, as I feel I made some great long term friends and gained much experience.”

Sarah King

Editorial Intern, Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency

“I learned a lot about the publishing industry, critiquing people’s stories, writing my own stories, and my own self-worth by working at Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency. This was an excellent experience, and I enjoyed every second of it. This internship only increased my interest in publishing and if given the opportunity, I would like to continue working in the industry.”

Caitlyn Somers

After-School Activities Intern/Workshop Leader, Mighty Writers North

“It is certainly hard to pick a favorite aspect of working with Mighty Writers; if I had to, it would be the kids. I helped with several workshops—including one focused on girls and female empowerment—and field trips. In doing so, I talked to numerous kids between the ages of 7-17 and had the opportunity to connect with them. More importantly, I was able to learn from them...Because I am extremely passionate about Mighty Writers and their mission, I was never bored or unsatisfied. I truly value my work as a Mighty volunteer, and I believe my time spent helping the kids and the organization in general was a success.”

Valerie Werner

Public Library Intern, Glenside Public Library

“I found my internship at the Glenside Area Public Library this semester to be extremely rewarding, particularly because it was a helpful step between being a weekly library volunteer, as I have been for many years leading up to this internship, and starting classes in Library Science at the graduate level...My passion for libraries and their growth is something that I cannot wait to spend my adult life dedicated to. Getting to work on the PA Forward Star program in particular, ensuring that libraries get the funding they need and sharing this wealth of knowledge...was a great way to end my college career.”


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