First-Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE)

Through Arcadia's First-Year Study Abroad Experience, you will study abroad in London, England for the entire second semester of your first-year. You'll take courses just as you would on the Glenside campus, and earn credits towards your Arcadia degree. FYSAE provides extensive support from Arcadia faculty, overseas staff, and student mentors to engage you throughout the experience.


Take Your Scholarships With You

Your tuition and housing costs are the same as a semester on the Glenside campus. You can also use your scholarships and financial aid to cover FYSAE costs.


Build Skills & Community

Build intercultural skills, adaptability, and confidence while exploring your curiosities with your FYSAE cohort.


Experience London

Get a rigorous educational experience that leverages learning out of the classroom, preparing you for personal and professional success.

FYSAE Location

London, England

Experience all the culture and excitement this cosmopolitan city has to offer with thought-provoking lectures, engaging field study, inspiring excursions and cross-cultural activities at Arcadia's London Center. Arcadia faculty take you into the city streets bringing to life your studies. 

With Arcadia, you learn beyond the classroom. You don’t just visit a landmark or tour a city – you engage with a London's culture, people, environment, and traditions. We’ll be there to facilitate that integration -- the rest is up to you!


FYSAE Experience

"When classes started, I knew I had to learn for myself. But when I first got my oyster card, I had no idea the fun and hectic experiences that awaited me past the gates."

To Tube or Not to Tube

"November 11, 2018, was quite possibly the most memorable day of my experience so far in London. Sundays are usually quiet, but this Sunday was particularly special, as it marked the 100th year since the end of World War I. Understanding it was a huge milestone— especially in the United Kingdom— I decided to take a trip to the Cenotaph in the heart of London to pay my respects."

Centenary at the Cenotaph

 "I highly recommend to everyone who studies abroad to complete this certificate. It not only shows that you concentrated in an area of study during your semester abroad, but it is a great way to discover more about the country you are studying in."

Making the Most out of FYSAE: Co-Curricular Learning Certificate

Take the Next Steps

Academically talented students are invited to apply to FYSAE usually within two to three weeks after being admitted to the University overall. Selection for FYSAE is based on your application for admission and additional credentials.

Kevin McGann

Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions

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