Landman Library

Subject Guide: Educational Leadership

Subject Specific Databases

ERIC.1996 - present. Contains citations and abstracts (and occasional full-text) for journals and other material related to education research. Created by the Department of Education, the database covers a wide range of subjects in the field of education.

General/ Related Databases

Academic Search Premier. Some full-text, 1970s – present. More than 4,500 journals on all different subjects: psychology, business, education, chemistry, and more. Academic Search Premier Tutorial.

OMNISelect. Full-text, 1980s - present. Contains all the same journals as Wilson Select Plus, but with a different search interface. 2,700 journals from many fields, including: business, education, social sciences, science.

Sage Premier. full text, 1960 - present. Full-text of all 500 journals published by Sage. Includes journals in international relations, education, sociology, business, and more.

Leadership Reference Books