Dining Services FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Meals a Day can I use?

Depending upon your meal plan, you can use up to four meals a day, one each meal period. A meal period consists of one meal in The Chat for Breakfast 7:30–10:30 a.m.; one in the Dining Hall or The Chat for lunch 11 a.m.–4 p.m.; one meal in the Dining Hall or The Chat for Dinner 4–7 p.m. and one meal in The Chat from 7–10 p.m.

You may not use two meals in one meal period. 

Do I have points with my meal plan?

Maybe, the 14 meals a week plan does not have any points included with the plan. The 10 meals a week and the 100 Block plan have 50 points included with the plan. The five meals a week and 50 Block plan have 250 points with their plan. These points can be used to purchase a guest meal in the Dining Hall or in the The Chat or Easton Hall Café.

What about the $1,000 line of credit that shows on my ID?

Full time students with accounts in good standing have the privilege of charging on their student accounts when making purchases in the Chat, the Dining Hall and the Easton Hall Café. The charges must not exceed $1,000 over the course of the academic semester. This money must be paid back and will be billed on your semester bill and student account.

Can I bring a guest with me to the Dining Hall?

Yes, you may bring a guest to the Dining Hall. However you may not use a meal swipe for them. You can use your meal plan points, charge to your student account, or pay with cash, credit or debit cards.

Can I really eat as much as I want in the Dining Hall?

Once in the Dining Hall it is an all you care to eat location. If  you would like a larger portion that the line server has given you, please ask! You may also come up to whichever area for seconds. Once you eat in, you MAY NOT take out.

Am I allowed to take out?

You may get a take-out meal if you do not choose to have your meal in the Dining Hall. Ask the cashier for takeout and you will receive one large container, one small container, a soup container and beverage. If you eat in, you may not take out.

What is Meal Exchange?

A meal exchange is basically a meal swap, it consists of an entrée, side, dessert and beverage. Meal exchange is located in the The Chat. Not all items are on meal exchange. Please look for posted signage as to available offerings. A meal exchange is considered a meal, and only one may be used per meal period.

What is Cash Equivalency?

Cash Equivalency allows you to purchase a meal at the Chat without using Meal Exchange.  You are able to purchase items that are not on meal exchange as long as your total purchase does not exceed $6. You may only use one meal exchange OR your cash equivalency during each meal period. F’real Smoothies and Milkshakes are not allowed on cash equivalency.

What do I do if I have a food allergy or other dietary restriction?

If you have a food allergy or dietary restriction to any type of food, please stop by the Dining Hall office and talk with our Executive Chef, Gene Boyle. He can go over the menus with you to and if you are unable to eat a dish prepared for the main serving line, we can create you a similar dish you are able to eat. Since we prepare all of our items in-house, from scratch we know exactly what is going into each dish. The majority of our sauces and soups thickened with cornstarch, not flour and with the exception of ethnic items we cook with canola oil. We also label all of the menu signs in the Dining Hall and Chat with potential allergens. However if you have a specific allergy please do not hesitate to ask for a manager, supervisor or chef so we can confirm any allergens that may not be listed.

We have many gluten-free items available including pizza dough, pasta, cereal, hamburger rolls, and desserts. After your meeting with Chef Gene, he can create or order you your favorite items to enjoy here in the dining hall. 

How is Dining Services supporting Arcadia University’s efforts to go Green?

Parkhurst Dining strives to create a sustainable environment in our kitchen and dining areas at Arcadia University. Some of our Steps to Sustainability include:

  • Purchasing fresh and local products as much as possible through our FarmSource program
    • Seasonal products are purchased within a 125 mile radius
    • Dairy is purchased from local family farms that do not use rBST
    • Meat is purchased from regional farms when available
  • Biodegradable containers are used for our "On the Go!" program
  • Partnering with Seafood Watch to increase our use of sustainable seafood
  • Our spent fryer oil is converted into biodiesel
  • Recycled paper is used for the majority of our marketing
  • Trayless Dining in the dining hall
  • Fair Trade coffee offered in Easton Hall Café
  • Reusable Mug Program
  • Napkins made from recycled paper

Who do I contact if I have a question or comment about dining options?

Use our new online forms to give us feedback about our food service and catering. Please feel free to contact the management team at any time with questions, comments or suggestions. Our office is located in the Dining Hall behind the register. Or feel free to e-mail or call any of the managers.