Required Immunizations for New Undergraduate Students

In the event that the student cannot obtain documentation of immunization, the student will either have to be re-immunized or have laboratory verification of immunity. If needed, immunizations and titers can be done in Student Health Services for a reasonable fee.

  • Tetanus (within the last 10 years)
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella/German Measles (MMR) (2 doses required)
  • Varicella* (2 doses)
  • Meningitis** (2 doses)
  • PPD (Tuberculosis screening) must be done within six months of college entrance
  • Hepatitis B (3 doses required)

*Requires documentation of chicken pox or two Varivax (chicken pox vaccine) vaccines.  

**Pennsylvania Law #955 as of July 2002, requiring all students living in university housing to receive the meningitis vaccine or to sign a waiver of refusal. Arcadia University will ONLY accept a waiver from a healthcare professional or religious figure. New CDC guidelines require two meningitis vaccines if the first dose was given at age 16 or younger.