ATS Workshops


ATS offers comprehensive workshops that focus on the tools and resources that Arcadia provides. Our workshops are updated prior to the beginning of the semester. Check back frequently to see the new and upcoming topical workshops we have planned.

This is a great opportunity to learn more information about Instructional Technology and Instructional Design.  All workshops are presented by ATS Department members.

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We are very happy to be delivering many high-quality workshops for the Arcadia community this semester. Please sign up here for the events you plan to attend.

All workshops will be held in ATS Sandbox, located in 2053 Church Road. Workshops are hands-on, so please bring your own device.

Faculty Showcase Recordings

Summer 2020 - Faculty Showcases
Fall 2019 - Faculty Canvas Showcases

One on One Meetings

If workshops don't work with your schedule or if you need more specific assistance we offer One on One Meetings with an Instructional Designer or Instructional Technologist. The meetings can be used to discuss specific questions regarding technology options for your teaching at Arcadia. 

Meetings are available in thirty-minute increments, please sign up for a One on One Meeting. Prior to the meeting, be sure to complete this form about the topic of the meeting. For example: How to use a create a Google Form with logic, How to capture your lecture using Panopto, or How to integrate a new technology into your course, etc.

If you have questions relating to the workshops please email