Meet Our Student Workers

Did you know that 57% of Arcadia's students currently participate in Arcadia's work-study program, working for 69 campus departments?

Work-study jobs provide students with income to help pay for education expenses. For many students, these positions also offer opportunities for personal and professional development. Here are some of their stories.

Shawna Robertson ’17

Major: International Business & Culture

Minor: French

Has participated in work-study for: 3 semesters

Current role: I assist students paying bills, requesting refunds, and completing work-study paperwork in the One-Stop Shop.

Favorite part of work-study: The opportunity to interact with students from all walks of life, from all majors, and answer questions most Arcadia students have during their time at Arcadia. Knowing that students leave our office feeling more confident about their finances and their work-study options makes me feel more at ease about my own college experience.

Lessons learned: Working in a fast-paced office around students in a customer service role has increased my ability to be tolerant of obstacles in the workplace. In past jobs outside of Arcadia, I haven't always felt confident. At the One-Stop Shop, I have learned how to "own" my work and feel proud of what I do.

Work-study at Arcadia has: helped me gain a sense of how to interact with people. Traditionally a shy person, I have been able to further develop my speaking skills. I can speak knowledgeably about operations within the office and can assist students confidently. Work-study has allowed me to also learn time management balancing my work schedule and academics.

After Arcadia: Either grad school or employment with an international company in a creative industry. I am interested in the marketing and buying aspects of a business and hope to operate within one of those fields or a similar one at a company that utilizes creative lifestyle-based marketing concepts.

Anouchka Kibora ’17

Major: International Studies with a concentration in French Studies

Minor: Political Science

Campus Activities: A.S.I.A club, International Peer Assistant League (I-PAL)

Has participated in work-study for: 9 semesters.

Current role: I create and edit library tutorial videos, and I assist students and professors in the Library Technology Lab.

Favorite part of work-study: Definitely the people I work with. Arcadia has the friendliest staff I have ever met and I have always felt welcomed and valued as a student worker in the workplace. Each day, I felt like my presence mattered and that I was making a difference.

Lessons learned: It was easy to wake up in the morning after pulling an all-nighter to finish homework and not feel like going to work, but I came to learn that being accountable in the workplace was just as important as being accountable in class.

Work-study at Arcadia has: helped me grow as an individual and is preparing me for life after college and the workplace. I will be able to take all the things I have learned while working at Arcadia and implement them in my future career.

After Arcadia: I plan to travel and teach abroad for a year or two.

Jennifer S. Clark ’16

Major: Computing Technology—Design

Minor: Studio Art

Campus Activities: Presidential Member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Phi Kappa Phi, Honors Program, AU Haus, Editor-in-Chief of The Compass

Has participated in work-study for: 4 semesters

Current role: At The College of Global Studies, I assist the Marketing Department with graphic design requests. I also update the website, post blogs from students studying abroad, and help create HTML email templates for marketing campaigns.

Favorite part of work-study: Working with the Marketing Department. They welcomed me from day one as one of their own even though I am only a student. They make me feel part of their team, including me in on design decisions. It's really great to be able to see some of my design work up around the office and even in offices abroad.

Lessons learned: I would have to say that there is no typical day in a marketing department and that the client is always right. You come in with a certain expectation of what the day will bring and many days, something happens and derails those plans - but it's never a bad thing. It definitely keeps us on our feet!

Work-study at Arcadia has: been a great place for me to apply what I am learning in my classes to a real-life experience. I used to rely on myself to complete tasks, but now I am more able to ask for help when I need it and to utilize the resources around me. I feel that I will graduate in May with the experience necessary to make it further in the interview process and hopefully land a great job.

After Arcadia: I plan on working at a design firm or freelancing. I want to enjoy life and make my own schedule.