Ireland Publishes Fascinating Material on Irish Literature

August 3, 2012 Purnell Cropper

Dr. Colin Ireland, former Resident Director of The College of Global Studies in Dublin, has presented and published the following papers and articles:

  • Colin Ireland, Book Review: Landscapes of Cult and Kingship, ed. Roseanne Schot, Conor Newman and EdelBhreatnach (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2011) in EstudiosIrlandesesNumber 7 (2012) 179-81.
  • Colin Ireland, Article: "From Protected to Protector: Some Legal Language in CúChulainn's Boyhood Deeds", in Studies in Honor of James P. Mallory, to appear in Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph, pp. 15-22 (forthcoming).
  • Colin Ireland, Paper (forthcoming): "Early Irish and Old English Poetic Traditions: Initial Comparisons and Contrasts", Irish Conference of Medievalists, 5-7 July 2012, University College Dublin.
  • Colin Ireland, Paper (forthcoming): "Taking Sides at the 'Synod' of Whitby (664)", 4th International Conference on the Science of Computus, 13-15 July 2012, National University of Ireland, Galway.
  • Colin Ireland, Conference Committee Member: International Society of Anglo-Saxonists, "Insular Cultures", to be held 29 July to 2 August 2013, University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin.

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