Arcadia Experiences Significant Enrollment Increase of First-Year Students

By John DeRosier | September 29, 2022

Enrollment of new first-year students at Arcadia for the 2022-2023 academic year increased 24 percent over last year, the University announced.

Arcadia welcomed a total of 483 first-year students in Fall 2022. Arcadia’s newest Knights come from 28 states, an increase from 24 a year ago, and several countries (China, Canada, India, Kyrgyzstan, and others).

“Our Adaptive Strategy has at its heart the goal of keeping students at the center of all of our efforts,” said Rakin “Rock” Hall, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Arcadia. “A large aspect of that is our recruitment and retention efforts. 

“Not only did we want to ‘reintroduce’ ourselves to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but we also were intentional and strategic with parent and student engagement, as well as increasing our outreach to local counselors and the heads of schools,” he added. 

Also of note among Arcadia’s first-years:

  • 38 percent are students of color, a 3 percent increase over 2021 (7% Asian, 13% Hispanics of any race, 17% Black/African American)
  • 38 percent self-reported as first-generation college students
  • 34 percent are recruited student-athletes 
  • 11 percent have a primary language other than English