Arcadia Summer Projects Include Classroom Technology Upgrade, Updates to Stiteler Auditorium, and a Multipurpose Center

By Daniel DiPrinzio | May 11, 2022
Concept art of the University mult9-purpose center, coming soon

Arcadia University is enhancing the student experience through refreshing instructional spaces and adding health and wellness facilities. Stiteler Auditorium will be modernized and refreshed, upgrades to campus classroom technology will continue, and a 19,000-square-foot multipurpose building will be added. A $1 million grant from the Redevelopment Assistant Capital Program (RACP) will help offset construction costs.
Classroom Technology
Upgrades are planned for the legacy Extron gear as well as the lampless projectors. In addition, the Christiana, Delaware campus classroom projectors will be upgraded and several full classrooms on the Glenside campus will receive a technology upgrade.
Stiteler Auditorium
Located in Murphy Hall, Stiteler Auditorium will receive simple modernization/refresh to prepare it for the next generation of service. The auditorium’s tiered seating will be removed and lighting updated to create a second large gathering/instructional space on campus while retaining the ability to be used for theater and vocal instruction. The project is beginning immediately after commencement festivities.  
Multipurpose Center
The multipurpose center is designed as a 19,000-square-feet space for student recreation, athletic practice, health and wellness classes, and large group instruction. Construction is planned to start in June 2022 and be completed in February 2023. The center is located near the tennis courts and softball field.