Dr. Louis Friedler and Jan Tecklin Named Professors Emeriti

By Caitlin Burns | April 21, 2017

With more than 60 years combined teaching at Arcadia, Dr. Louis Friedler, program director of Actuarial Science and professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, and Jan Tecklin, professor of Physical Therapy, have each been named Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Friedler

Dr. Friedler joined Arcadia in 1991 as an associate professor, and he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Mathematics and Chinese film. While Dr. Friedler’s scholarly research has focused on graph theory, actuarial science, and international mathematics education, his interest in China and film has led him to teach “Chinese Film: A Window on China” each semester.

Dr. Friedler is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, a national organization dedicated to advancing actuaries as leaders tp measure and manage risk. During his tenure, he spearheaded the creation of an Actuarial Science major in 2013, in addition to being an integral member of the team that developed the joint education program with Jiangsu University. In 1994, Dr. Friedler was promoted to a full professor position, and has served as the department chair for Computer Science and Mathematics for 12 years.

“Arcadia University has treated me well during my 26 years here and I’m proud of my work, so I am flattered that Arcadia has given me the honor of becoming Professor Emeritus,” said Dr. Friedler. “As I retire, I am pleased to know that I remain welcomed on campus.”


Tecklin began teaching at Arcadia in 1982 as an assistant professor, and he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Physical Therapy. During the late 1980s to early 1990s, Tecklin chaired the Department of Physical Therapy, helping to build the department from four full-time faculty members to its current 14 members.

Tecklin has published two textbooks, including Pediatric Physical Therapy (5th edition), his most recent book publication in 2014, which incorporates chapters by five Arcadia graduates. Tecklin also authored and edited four editions of Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy. He has presented lectures on cystic fibrosis around the world, including at the Royal College of Medicine in London.

After rising to associate professor in 1988, Tecklin was promoted to a full professor in 1998. In 2005, Tecklin was honored with Arcadia’s prestigious Professor of the Year Award.

“Receiving Professor Emeritus status is a true honor,” said Tecklin. “It is a wonderful epilogue to a 35 year history at Beaver and Arcadia. During that period of time, I have come to love and deeply appreciate my time here and the many friends and colleagues for whom I have great affection. I must offer thanks to my mentor, the late Dr. Norman Johnston, who helped pave the way to my being a successful faculty member.”