Arcadia University Forensic Science Students, Faculty Present, Receive Recognition at 2023 AAFS Conference

By Emily Horowitz | February 21, 2023
A group shot of Arcadia's Forensic Science students and faculty at the 2023 AAFS Conference

Second-year students in Arcadia University’s Forensic Science master’s program attended the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)’s 75th Conference, along with faculty, from Feb. 13-18 in Orlando, Fla.

Mandi Mohr receiving an award at the 2023 AAFS Conference
Mandi Mohr (right) was recognized at the 2023 AAFS Conference for her service as section secretary and voted in to chair AAFS’s Toxicology Section for the 2023-2024 year.

Devin Kress ’23M, Samantha Deibel ’23M, and Tiffany Kreidler ’23M presented posters, while Mandi Mohr, interim program director of Forensic Science, and Dr. Fabio Oldoni, assistant professor of Forensic Science, co-authored presentations and also presented. Mohr, who also serves as an associate director of the Center for Forensic Science Research & Education (CFSRE), was recognized for her service as section secretary and voted in to chair AAFS’s Toxicology Section for the 2023-2024 year.

Below is a full list of AAFS presentations from Arcadia’s students and faculty.

The Evaluation of Novel Psychoactive Substance Drug Loss From Storage in Serum Separator Tubes – Devin Kress, BS*; Melissa Fogarty, MSFS; Heather Harris, MFS, JD; Barry Logan, PhD

The Determination of Hair Growth Rates in Various Anatomical Regions From a Student Campus Population – Samantha Deibel, BS*; Heather Harris, MFS, JD; Sherri Kacinko, PhD; Karen Scott, PhD

An Investigation of Trace DNA Samples From Objects Stolen in Pickpocket Scenarios – Tiffany Kreidler, BS*; Lauren Hoopes, BS; Bas Kokshoorn, PhD; Fabio Oldoni, PhD

Probabilistic Genotyping With Microhaplotypes – Daniele Podini, PhD*; Helene Douglas, BS; Sofia Arichavala Centeno, BS; Angie Zhao, MFS; Katherine Rizzolo, MFS; Fabio Oldoni, PhD

A Snapshot of Current Opinions on Sequencing Technology in Forensics – Megan Foley, MSFS; Fabio Oldoni, PhD*

A Compilation of Postmortem Vitreous Fluid Data for Pediatric Cases – Breanne Vance, BA*; Kari Midthun, PhD; Jennifer Swatek, MS; Fabio Oldoni, PhD

Assessment of the Contribution to Drug-Impaired Driving from Emerging and Undertested Drugs – Amanda L.A. Mohr, MS

Adverse Effects of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals as Toxic Adulterating Agents in Illicit Drug Deaths – Barry Logan, PhD*; Alex Krotulski, PhD; Amanda Mohr, MS; Thom Browne, Jr., MA

Impaired Driving Drug Trends and Stop Limit Testing Evaluation – Grace Cieri, BS*; Amanda Mohr, MS; Melissa Fogarty, MSFS; Barry Logan, PhD

Dr. Oldoni also moderated a session titled, “Criminalistics: Trace DNA and Mixtures”.

*Presenting Author

Fabio Oldoni and Mandi Mohr at Arcadia's MSFS table at the 2023 AAFS Conference
Dr. Fabio Oldoni and Mandi Mohr at the AAFS Conference in Orlando, Fla.