Hockey Team’s Hertzberg ’24 Talks International Past and Future

By Ryan Hiemenz | May 9, 2024
Michael Hertzberg

As he enters the final days before graduation, Business Administration major and ice hockey player Michael Hertzberg reflects on the international journey he’s been on practically since birth. At 10 months old weighing a mere 15 pounds, he was adopted from the rough conditions of the Russian orphanage system in St. Petersburg, Russia by a loving couple from Pittsburgh. There, he discovered his love for ice hockey before ultimately making his way to Arcadia. 

“My father would take me to my brother’s games when I was young,” he said. “I would bring my mini net, stick, and ball and simulate what was going on in the game by the glass in the bleachers. That is when my dad decided it was time to put me in a pair of skates.”

Hockey plays a major role in Hertzberg’s and his family’s lives, and he hopes it continues to do so in the future.

“I have played since I was 3,” he said. “Now my older brother’s two kids–my niece, 8, and my nephew, 5,–both play ice hockey, so I can help to coach and guide them throughout the process. It makes my family and I proud to now be able to watch them grow through the game.”

Aside from being interested in the Business Administration major, Hertzberg chose to come to Arcadia to help build the young ice hockey program.

“I have enjoyed the process of starting a program from scratch and being a central part of it, taking a step forward each year. It’s something I can live to tell about,” he explained.

At the end of his junior year, he traveled to Rome with other members of the Baroque Art History Global Field Study (GFS) course, citing it as one of his favorite Arcadia memories.

Hertzberg looks back on his career on the ice with his fellow Knights fondly, expressing his gratitude for his coaches and teammates.

“I love being a core part of our team,” Hertzberg added, “being that player guys can count on in challenging situations and bringing the energy to the team. Playing here has developed me into a leader both on and off the ice.”

Upon graduating, he hopes to play a year of professional ice hockey overseas before either becoming a skills or bench coach or working in the management or financial field in collegiate or professional ice hockey. He will begin Arcadia University’s MBA program this month.

“I cannot thank my parents, coaches, teammates, trainers, and professors enough for their endless support, motivation, and belief in me throughout this journey,” he concluded.