Paskell Featured in ‘Reporter’ for Work with Sex Trafficking Victims

By Caitlin Burns | March 9, 2020

Linda Ruth Paskell showing photos she took in Thailand and Cambodia.

Adjunct Professor of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Linda Ruth Paskell ’81, ’96MEd was featured in a Feb. 25 story in The Reporter for her recent trip to Cambodia and Thailand, where she worked with victims of sex trafficking to develop skills through art.

The news story highlighted Paskell’s years of traveling and teaching for service: “Paskell has been traveling for the past 12 years, only missing one summer for a surgery. She’s worked with various organizations and journeyed to several countries including Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Peru, and Uganda.

After returning from a trip, she works to incorporate the lessons she’s learned into her own teaching practices as a professor at Arcadia University to impact her students,” wrote reporter Rachel Ravina.