Poetic Inquiry Atlas Vol. 1 to Include Chapter by Dr. Reale

By Ryan Hiemenz | June 20, 2024

Dr. Michelle Reale, professor, access services and outreach librarian, and published poet, has contributed a chapter to “Poetic Inquiry Atlas Vol. 1: A Survey of Rigorous Poetics,” which will be published by Vernon Press and released in July. 

In her chapter titled, “The Poetic Inquiry Cycle: Process and Representation,” Dr. Reale provides insight into the integration of poetry into research processes to further understand and represent human experiences.

“I’m proud to be among some of the most prominent scholars using poetic inquiry in their research,” she said.

The Poetic Inquiry Atlas intends to highlight a range of diverse perspectives on poetic inquiry to showcase similarities and differences in various praxes. To learn more about the anthology, click here.