VIDEO: Dr. Zarzycki Discusses Physical Therapy Research on Blood Flow Restriction

By Ryan Hiemenz '23 | May 2, 2023

Dr. Ryan Zarzycki, assistant professor of Physical Therapy, is currently conducting research with students to examine the effects of blood flow restriction on muscles. They recently received a grant for their research through the University, allowing them to purchase two Delfi blood flow restriction training units. Drs. Dan Safford, Kshamata Shah, and Phil McClure and their students are using these units to examine the effects on the upper extremities, and Dr. Zarzycki’s lab is using them to study the effects on quadricep strength after ACL reconstruction surgery. 

“Blood flow restriction has become a hot topic in physical therapy,” says Zarzycki. “A lot of our patients in pain or with restrictions after surgery aren’t able to strength train because of precautions in their surgical procedure, or pain and swelling, at levels that allow for strength gains.”

Check out the short video below to learn more.

Dr. Ryan Zarzycki in the Physical Therapy research lab