Xinran “Victoria” Wang: Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science

By Caitlin Burns | May 18, 2021

Major and minor: Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science and a minor in Computer Science.

Favorite Arcadia memory: It’s really hard to answer because I had a lot of great memories at Arcadia University. One of them was the first time I came to Arcadia and lived at Oak Summit with friends: Although I prepared how to cook before I went to America, that’s the first time that I prepared the whole meal for my friends and myself. Of course, the first meal was instant noodles. That summer I felt like I was really independent and grew up as an adult. Also, through the Conversion Partners Program, I made my first American friend with Caitlin Burns. That was the first time I spoke with a foreigner for a long time using English and I was so nervous and worried about my grammar or accent at the time. And the classes with Professor [of Computer Science and Mathematics] Dr. Ned Wolff were impressive. He is an excellent professor. He has the ability to talk about complicated knowledge in an easy-to-understand way. I also remembered the time eating at the Commons. The great cheesesteak and sometimes we brought lunch and microwaved and then chatted with each other. There are so many precious memories and I really love Arcadia University!

Involvement on campus: Through the Conversation Program, I got to know another friend, [Biology alumna] Deana Bigio, who graduated last year. We talked a lot about life differences in China and America and we are still in touch. In the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 respectively, I volunteered to teach two students Chinese—they chose a class that required them to learn a new language. Then, I became a tutor for Learning Resource Network last year. This year, I started the Chinese Food Club and became a tutor for the Chapman Foundation, where I was mainly responsible for teaching students in high schools and primary schools.

Advice for Jiangsu students: The first is to be aware that life is different in America from that in China. So, be prepared with some practical skills—assembling furniture and cooking is necessary. Try to make use of school resources and when you encounter problems related to assignments, just talk with professors (they are very nice but don’t forget to make an appointment). 

Also, don’t worry about your English like an accent or grammar mistakes when talking with Americans, but you do need to pay attention when it comes to the GRE. Be open to making friends with American students. Finally, if you want to get a good grade, pay attention to quizzes and assignments and don’t be lazy.

After Arcadia: I took part in the Society of Actuaries (SOA) Challenge with other students with the guidance of [Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics] Dr. Weihong Ni. Last summer, I did research with my friend Ethan and [Associate Professor and Chair of Computer Science and Mathematics] Dr. Yanxia Jia, and we attended Sigma Xi Student to present our article. Also, our paper was chosen by the International Conference on Big Data and Computing conference and we will present at the end of May. Through these experiences, I knew how to do research and I think this is an important ability in the future. [Director of Actuarial Science Program and Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics] Dr. Irina Pogrebivsky‘s Financial Mathematics class and Dr. Wolff’s Probability course prepared me for two SOA exams. In a word, Arcadia faculty are responsible and prepared me well for Columbia University this fall.