Office of the President

Office of the President

The 22nd President of Arcadia University

Ajay Nair, Ph.D.

After a national search, Arcadia University proudly welcomed Ajay Nair, Ph.D., as the institution’s 22nd president on April 2, 2018. President Nair is a nationally recognized expert in student affairs issues and an accomplished social justice, race, and ethnicity scholar.


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2019 Presidential Report

This report highlights the initiatives that opened lines of communication, the values that steered our work, and the priorities we established together. Through these self-renewal efforts, we’ve prepared to embark on a strategic planning process that emphasizes boundless and exemplary academics, supports local and global engagement, strengthens collaborative leadership, and places students at the center of all that we do. We echo the optimistic spirit that carried our community from hope to action.
2019 President's Report


At Arcadia University, we lead with generosity, giving our time and attention to one another and to our global communities; we lead courageously, encouraging innovation and authenticity; and we lead with humility, engaging in self-reflection and self-critique. We are a reflection of the world that we want to live in.

As a leader in international education, Arcadia University has achieved positive transformation in Glenside, Philadelphia, and around the world. We are uniquely positioned to make a difference not just in the lives of our students, but in the global communities in which we serve.

It’s a blessing to lead an institution that transforms the delivery of liberal arts education to produce work-ready and life-ready students.

Dr. Ajay Nair
President, Arcadia University

Presidential Initiatives


Arcadia UKnighted

An interactive forum for the Arcadia community to engage in dialogue, collaborate on new initiatives, and contribute feedback.


Presidential Communications

Read strategies and selected speeches from President Nair to the University community.


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“The truth shall set us free,” was the message from Dr. Ajay Nair on Oct. 13, as hundreds of students, staff, faculty, alumni, trustees, families, friends, and community members ushered in a new era with his inauguration as 22nd president.

Presidential Inauguration Week

As an inclusive community, the Office of Institutional Diversity invites you to join us in signing this letter of solidarity against hate and intolerance.

Letter of Solidarity Against Hate and Intolerance

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President Ajay Nair

Welcome Messages

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Mr. Nair, Welcome! I am assuming you are new to the area. Please do let me know if you want to meet with some members of the India community. Regards, Rajiv N Prasad



Hello Dr. Nair, How are you? It is Pamela Gallimore, the parent of Zach Mondesire. Please accept my belated, but heartfelt congratulations! Zach proudly mentioned your presidency to me when the announcement was first made, and I intended to reach out to you at that time, but was remiss in doing so. I received an email from the Study Abroad Program at Arcadia today and immediately remembered that I had never reached out to congratulate you, so decided to stop what I was doing and send you a message on the spur of the moment.

Again, congratulations! Great good luck to you! I am confident Arcadia, under your leadership, will be a major player in higher education in the region, the country and the world!

Zach will be ABD at UCLA in early 2019 and then off for his research in East Africa. Anthropology. Hopefully , he too, will be in touch one of these days, when he slows down!! Again, congratulations! All the best to you!



Greetings Dr. Nair and welcome to Arcadia University!
I am thrilled to know that a fellow Penn Stater and Indian-American like me will be leading Arcadia to new heights from which all members of the university's academia and community will benefit for the years to come. I have recently been accepted into the School of Education and am excited to pursue my Master's and make new and lasting connections with members of the Arcadia community like you. In the short time that I have come to learn of Arcadia's dedication to building relationships and fostering a global perspective, I have also seen that you are active on social media like Instagram, and I think you are doing a fantastic job by balancing both the professional and personable image of a university president. More than that, I am delighted to see your commitment towards family and building a more inclusive environment for society. I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you during my studies (I'd love to know what rap you listen to!), but until then, my utmost congratulations to you on your position as Prez 2.0!

Since you obtained your Doctorate of Philosophy, I hope that you will find this quote from Swami Vivekananda, whose teachings my father passed down to me, both appropriate and inspiring: "Coming to great leaders of mankind, we always find that it was the personality of the man that counted."
-From The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda Volume 2, derived from his lecture on The Powers of the Mind delivered at Los Angeles, California, January 8, 1900.

Kind regards, Jay Mehta Arcadia University School of Education Graduate Student of Secondary Education in English and ESL



I graduated from Arcadia back in 2006, and I would like to welcome you with all my heartily prayers in joining the place that served as a gateway to success for me. I always met with our president in person, and I would like to have the same opportunity with you, if possible. I am in Florida, but would honor a trip down if the need be. - Mishy Rashid



Hello Dr. Nair.
I wanted to send you a note of congratulations on your appointment at Arcadia, an institution that is very near and dear to me. I wanted to introduce myself and offer my support during your tenure at Arcadia.
All my best,
Adam Denish '89



I was SO pleased to watch this welcome and think back to the days I either first met these people or helped start new global programs for the Arcadia. Prez Nair, I wish you the best in your years ahead at a great university! - Jerry Greiner, Former Arcadia University President, in response to welcome video posted on Facebook



That was amazing. Bienvenue Dr. Nair. - Jean Paul Jovin, in response to welcome video posted on Facebook



Welcome aboard, President Nair. Well done, everyone. From a graduate school alumna in East Mt Airy, Phila. - Gaynelle Lewis-Fleming, in response to welcome video posted on Facebook



Dear President Nair,


Welcome to Arcadia! Everyone is so happy that you are here.


I look forward to forthcoming conversations under your leadership about campus internationalization, but in this message, I wanted to give personal greetings. I'm both a Wahoo and a Quaker, too! I was an undergraduate at Virginia and a graduate student at Penn. I was glad to see that you have history at two campuses that remain close to my heart.


I came to Arcadia eight years ago after working at several larger universities. What struck me very quickly about this place was a marked sense of community: people greeted each other by name, faculty and staff would stop in the hallways and have convivial conversations with students, and I observed and participated in many collaborations across departments, disciplines, and organizations on campus. I was proud to have joined Arcadia. I hope in these early days you are observing some similarly encouraging and gratifying moments.


I know that you also have a varied history in higher education, having worked as staff, faculty, and as an administrator. I imagine that because of this, you may share in the belief that all of us on this campus are educators, regardless of job title. We are here because we want to cultivate the holistic development of a young person, create new knowledge, and contribute to learning and teaching in all forms. Coaches do this, work-study supervisors do this, professors do this, advisors do this...those developing our academic technologies do this, those determining financial aid do this, those maintaining our facilities do this...and each of us wants to be validated and recognized for our contributions to the community. Underneath the public conversations about budget concerns are personal fears of being deemed unimportant. In a situation where there are limited resources, who, and what, matters?


In your welcome message yesterday, you presented strategies to empower the community and build trust. You also, notably, opened your message with a recognition of the passion and commitment that Arcadians have for each other, and for our future. At Arcadia, there is already great talent, compassion, innovation, curiosity, skill, scholarship, and ability. I believe that under your leadership, these elements can be magnified and the individuals who possess them can be affirmed. I believe that under your leadership, the vision of who and what matters will be articulated and strengthened. Thank you for joining us and delivering this powerful message through your words and actions. I know the best of Arcadia is yet to come.


With respect and appreciation,
Meredith Mashner
Director, International Student Services



Mr. Nair ~ Welcome! As a parent of a sophomore baseball player at Arcadia, I send you a heartfelt prayer that you receive the guidance, strength, and support needed for your position. This is a special school to our family and our son and so we wish you success and thank you for sharing your talents. - Gidget Towey



Welcome President Nair to the Arcadia University family! I am really excited for you to be joining the community and look forward to learning and hearing more about your vision for Arcadia. I know that prospective students are going to be energized by your enthusiasm and welcoming personality. I hope to see you on campus soon! Best wishes to you and your family as you make the return to the Philadelphia area! - Collene Pernicello, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management



President Nair, Welcome to your new home!! We have been anxiously awaiting your arrival. Your presidency represents hope to many of us in more ways than you can possibly know! I look forward to meeting you after the flurry of meetings and greetings in your first weeks slow down. - Rochelle Peterson-Ansari, Adjunct Professor



I welcome you and your family to Arcadia University. I wish you great success and look forward to meeting you personally. Our community is small but mighty and that is how we continue to support one another. - Gina Szweda



We’re thankful and honored to welcome President Nair into the Arcadia community. Our team along with the rest of the Knight Family thank you for sharing part of your story, and we looking forward to getting to know you when you arrive on campus! #PrezNair -



Exciting hire for my former employer! First person of color to lead #highered #preznair -



In the midst of all that's going on in the world, I want to congratulate on his new role as President of . Moments like these are major bright spots, particularly for folx of color but especially the APIDA community! #PrezNair -



Congratulations to my fellow #NASPA colleague, #PrezNair, on your new appointment! -



We couldn't be more excited to have join the #KnightFamily as our 22nd president and lead us to new heights #PrezNair -



So excited to see a pillar of our APIDA and student affairs profession be named PRESIDENT of a university. I'm thrilled to see #PrezNair work his magic at Arcadia University! -



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