Maria Theodoraki

Associate Professor, Biology

Boyer 222 (215) 572-4059

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Areas Of Focus

molecular chaperones, cancer, cellular quality control

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Education History

University of Patras

BS, Major in Biology

University of Patras

PhD, Major in Molecular Biology


Chiral resolution of a caged xanthone and evaluation across a broad spectrum of breast cancer subtypes.

Research Paper, Bioorganic Chemistry

Co-Authored with Chantarasriwong O, Dorwart TJ, Morales TH, Maggio SF, Settle AL, Milcarek AT, Alpaugh ML, Theodoraki MA, Theodorakis EA.

Synthesis, structure-activity relationship and in vitro pharmacodynamics of A-ring modified caged xanthones in a preclinical model of inflammatory breast cancer

Research Paper, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Co-Authored with Chantarasriwong O, Milcarek AT, Morales TH, Settle AL, Rezende CO Jr, Althufairi BD, Theodoraki MA, Alpaugh ML, Theodorakis EA

Spontaneously-forming spheroids as an in vitro cancer cell model for anticancer drug screening.

Research Paper, Oncotarget

Co-Authored with Theodoraki MA, Rezende CO Jr, Chantarasriwong O, Corben AD, Theodorakis EA, Alpaugh ML.

A network of ubiquitin ligases is important for the dynamics of misfolded protein aggregates in yeast

Research Paper, The Journal of Biological Chemistry

Co-Authored with Theodoraki MA, Nillegoda NB, Saini J, Caplan AJ