Arcadia 2025 Adaptive Strategy

Together, we have moved the Arcadia community forward in immeasurable ways. Our community embarked on the foundation for strategy work two years ago with the arrival of the 22nd President, Dr. Ajay Nair. The ARCADIA 2025 Adaptive Strategy was approved by the Board of Trustees on February 20, 2020. The adaptive nature of this strategy is intended to help us experiment and take initiative, ask questions and create synergies, and move Arcadia ahead through often unknown and unknowable environments.  

Our Approach: A Community of Practice

With an understanding of the major disruptions that are occurring within higher education, we have built a community of practice to enable and articulate our shared passions and commitments. We began the paradigm shift in our community by building a shared agenda through our ​mission, vision, values, and strategic themes​. We developed this shared agenda through UKnighted townhalls and through the leadership of the​ Aspirational Steering Committee​. Ultimately, our Adaptive Strategy is guided by our mission, vision, and values.

Our Strategic Themes

The full version of our Adaptive Strategy is being compiled and will be published shortly. 

Strategic Theme One:​
​Academic Excellence Through Impact and Authenticity
Strategic Theme Two:​ ​
Student Success and Engagement
Strategic Theme Three:​ ​
Social Responsibility and Impact
Strategic Theme Four:​ ​
Campus, Culture, and Community

Recent Updates

Campus Master Planning Strategy

The Campus Master Planning initiative will provide us with a vision for space and place that will integrate with the emerging strategy articulations for Arcadia’s future.

Contact Information

Joseph Sun

Director of Strategic Initiatives